Ken Whisenhunt Avoids The Sack, Despite 58-0 Shutout

Ken Whisenhunt’s Arizona Cardinals team may have lost nine straight games, the culmination of which was a 58-0 blowout against Seattle on Sunday, but the coach’s job remains safe … for now.

That’s according to Cardinals President Michael Bidwill, who has told reporters Whisenhunt will finish the current season as head coach.

It’s been a mighty strange season for the Cardinals. After zipping to a flawless 4-0 start with victories over Seattle, New England, Philadelphia, and Miami, performances have collapsed, with Whisenhunt a seemingly helpless observer as his side has lost nine straight games. Yet Bidwill believes laying the blame solely at Ken Whisenhunt’s door would not be entirely fair; after assuring reporters that Whisenhunt would remain head coach until the season’s end, the CEO ominously added:

“There is plenty of responsibility to spread around.”

Does that mean a switch in the general manager position is possible? Several pundits have noted that current GM Rod Graves has made his fair share of bizarre draft selections in recent years.

For now, it seems as if the Cardinals top brass is happy to focus on the closing three weeks of the season with Ken Whisenhunt still at the helm. Things still look decidedly grim, with next week’s game against Detroit the best chance Arizona has of breaking its losing streak. Otherwise, with the Bears and the 49ers to come in the final two weeks, a 12-game losing streak to round off the season can’t be ruled out.

Do you think Ken Whisenhunt should have been fired after the 58-0 loss to Seattle, or do you still think he has a future at the Cardinals beyond this season?