83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns Put Into Online Database From Vogue, McCall's, Butterick, And Simplicity

Kristine Moore

Whether you're an expert costume designer or have ever aspired to sew your own clothes, there is now a website with 85,300 vintage sewing patterns on it, including patterns by McCall's, Vogue, Butterick, Simplicity, and many others. Because this database of vintage sewing patterns is a collective group effort, the number of patterns on it is constantly growing.

Many have fond memories of visiting the local fabric store with their mothers to sift through clothing patterns and remember when the sewing machine was just as much of a staple in the household as a computer is now. If you long to recreate those moments and sew your own clothes, the Vintage Patterns Wiki website has a massive selection of vintage sewing patterns available for you, none of which came after the year 1992.

Searching through these 83,500 vintage sewing patterns may sound like a daunting task, but it is actually much easier than you might think. For instance, if you hanker after a particular era of clothing and a style worn by specific people like Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn, for example, you can search the database of vintage sewing patterns by decade.

Givenchy, Dior, and others were able to take outfits worn by celebrities at the time and replicate them so that if you were handy with a sewing machine, you could also recreate the same look for yourself.

Besides searching this online database of vintage sewing patterns by decade, you are also able to browse clothing by designer as well as the type of garment you are interested in, whether it is a dress, bathing suit, jacket, coat, blouse, pants, a costume, or general evening wear. You will even find a section devoted completely to seasonal sewing patterns.

Like the famous scene in The Time Machine when Rod Taylor is watching the clothes on the mannequin in the shop window across the street rapidly change as he projects himself into the future, looking at this online database of 83,500 vintage sewing patterns is a fascinating look at just how much fashion has evolved over time.

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If you miss the creativity of clothes in the past, it's time to dust off the sewing machine and peruse the vast treasure trove of vintage sewing patterns in the largest database online.

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