‘The Spouse House’ A New Show For Singles Looking For Love Premieres July 9 On TLC

TLC is in the business of hopeful singles looking for love with their new show The Spouse House. Set to premiere on July 9, the unscripted reality show will give the cast a chance to get to know each other and see if they can find a love connection. In the 10 episode season, the cast will either get married or leave the house.

Seven men and seven women from the Chicago area will be moving into The Spouse House. For eight weeks they participate in activities that are structured to encourage them to get to know each other. Christine Hassler, a relationship expert, and Dr.Isaiah Pickens, a clinical psychologist, will be helping the couples pair up and build solid foundations to lasting relationships.

According to Us Weekly, each week viewers of The Spouse House will see the group interact and begin to form personal relationships. At the end of each week, there will be an Engagement Ceremony. If a couple becomes engaged, everyone is safe for another week. However, if there are no engagements, two people will be evicted, and two new participants will move in.

A unique twist is that any couple that decides to marry before the finale will remain in The Spouse House. The newlyweds will begin their lives together in front of the cameras, as their housemates continue on their journey to find love. The experts will help the newlyweds adjust to married life and the challenges they will face in their marriage.

Promo clips of the show have been airing on TLC. The Spouse House will have drama and chaos, as would be expected with the pressure of marrying quickly or going home. Beginning a relationship in a bubble, and not knowing how it will go for the couples in everyday real life outside the safety of the mansion, the stakes are high. Will the connections made be love at first sight that can endure, or is it simply infatuation? The couples will have to decide quickly if they have found the one they are ready to make a big commitment to.



Will you be tuning in TLC to watch The Spouse House? Are you ready for another reality show of singles looking for love? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by TLC]