WWE Rumors: Enzo Amore Vs. Big Cass Match At ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ Could Signal Start Of Major Shift For Enzo

The WWE rumors are pointing to a bright future for Enzo Amore, and it could start with his match against Big Cass at Great Balls of Fire.

On Monday, the WWE announced that the former partners would be facing off in a singles match at this weekend’s event. As Bleacher Report noted, the rivalry between Enzo and Cass has been building for several weeks stemming from Cass’s June 19 backstage attack on Enzo.

While the match is a step forward for the rivalry between the popular RAW wrestlers, it could signal an even bigger move for Enzo Amore as he sheds his status as a more fringe figure known for his comedy and takes on a stronger stature in the WWE.

The Daily DDT predicted that Enzo could spend a few months working on revenge on Big Cass, and in doing so become “more of a sympathetic babyface as opposed to a comedy character.”

That would allow Enzo Amore to become something of an underdog and would also give Enzo the space to develop his own identity beyond the pairing with Big Cass.

“Enzo could succeed as a singles star by being that loudmouthed small guy that backs his loud mouth up with good wrestling ability,” the Daily Dot noted.

“The idea here would be for Enzo to win on a weekly basis in undercard matches while still maintaining his sense of self-confidence. Because his promos are so popular, the key would be for Enzo to become his own twisted version of the Rock, i.e. the comedian that mocks his opponent before and after matches.”

Enzo Amore certainly appears off to a good start on that path, cutting a promo on Monday that helped him become one of the top trending terms on Twitter.


Many fans seemed to sense a bit of star power in Enzo as well.


But there could be another possibility for Enzo Amore’s future in the WWE. As Justin LaBar of WrestleZone‘s Chair Shot Reality segment noted, there could also be a heel turn at some point that may lead to a reunion with Big Cass.

Though LaBar’s statement came before the Great Balls of Fire match had been confirmed, he predicted that the former partners would need a high-profile match at first before they could move on with the rivalry and possible return as a team with both men serving the heel role.

“You gotta have a payoff match between the two,” LaBar said.

“Let the two go at it, but I would not be opposed to sooner rather than later having Enzo Amore joining the heel side of the fence, realigning with Big Cass and being the same obnoxious barking dog on the microphone but as heel for the heel Big Cass.”


The WWE rumors regarding the future path for Enzo Amore remains to be seen, though it seems clear the WWE will milk the rivalry with Big Cass for at least a while longer.

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