‘Big Brother 19’ May Have Lost Another Houseguest, This Time To An Injury

Big Brother 19 is in full swing, and the houseguests are keeping fans very entertained with the almost daily shake-ups to the game. The latest news out of the house is still unfolding, but we can share with you what we know so far.

This morning live feeders were watching as Christmas was injured in the backyard of the Big Brother house. She had been riding on the back of Jason when he tripped and fell backward, landing on her. Christmas was injured, and a knot quickly came up on her foot. She lay on the ground calling for help, saying she had broken her foot.

According to Jokers Updates, as the houseguests talked in the house, two nurses were sent to the backyard to treat Christmas. After seeing that her injuries required further medical treatment, she was taken to the hospital. Jason described how her foot looked and the Big Brother houseguests were talking about how Christmas had asked several times if she could come back next year for a chance to compete. She obviously believed that her time in Big Brother 19 had come to an end with the injury.

Cody is in the seat of power as the first Head of Household, which is turning out to be the most complicated HOH in the history of the game. He can’t seem to keep two nominees on the block for eviction. His original nominations were Jillian and Megan. After some controversy, Megan self-evicted, vacating a nomination seat. Cody named Alex as the replacement nominee after she refused to partner with him. She went on to win the Power of Veto and removed herself from the block. Cody wanted to put Paul in her spot to be backdoored, but he produced the Pendant of Protection. That is when Christmas was put on the block for the second time in as many weeks.



The Big Brother houseguests were pondering what is next. Production put a stop to the conversation as they discussed the possibility of Cody’s time as HOH being stopped and Christmas considered the evictee versus him naming a sixth person to take the seat next to Jillian.

Check back with the Inquisitr to find out what happens with Christmas. We will update you as soon as information becomes available on whether or not she is out of the Big Brother 19 game due to her injury.

[Featured Image by NBC]