Mimi Faust Explains How Joseline Hernandez’s Molestation Claims Affected Her ‘LHHATL’ Family

Mimi Faust has spoken out about her ongoing feud with Joseline Hernandez, revealing that the former stripper’s allegations concerning Stevie J were completely out of line.

Last year, Joseline sensationalized stories by claiming that her on-again, off-again boyfriend had allegedly molested Eva, the daughter he shares with Mimi, Bossip explains.

At first, Mimi Faust says she didn’t make anything of the claims because she has seen how outrageous Joseline can be when she’s feuding with the music producer, but once Child Protective Services arrived at her door, things turned serious.

Mimi Faust explains how she was under strict investigation for 90 days before experts had requested to move ahead with a forensic exam to determine whether what Hernandez had claimed was true.

Mimi tells IceCreamConvos that the TV personality had made it seem like what she had said on social media was true.

The child molestation claims were just one of the many things Joseline held against Stevie J in the midst of their bitter feud last summer, having also alleged to have seen the reality star watching gay sexual acts on his laptop.

While Joseline and Mimi Faust are both still taking part on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, sources claim that the twosome try to stay away from one another as much as possible, seeing that every time they get together, a fight breaks out.


Faust has openly stressed that the 30-year-old has humiliated her family and divided the relationship she shared with Stevie J, particularly because the producer continuously reconciles with the woman who has made such absurd allegations about him.

At this given point, Mimi Faust says that she wants to stay away from Hernandez and the drama that she brings to the table, which means not partaking in filming scenes for LHHATL if it includes the former stripper by any means.

The fact that Joseline could make such comments about Stevie J that would have a deep impact on their daughter has not only hurt Mimi Faust, it has infuriated her beyond belief.

Mimi says that there’s no chance she can ever sit down and have a conversation with Stevie’s on-again, off-again lover, stressing that she has taken things too far this time.

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