Matt Hardy’s Wife Reby Throws Huge Heat At Former Women’s Champion Lita

The Hardy Boyz have been huge ever since their return to WWE at WrestleMania 33 in April, but one person would rather forget about the brothers’ previous runs with the company. Matt Hardy is married to Reby Hardy (formerly Reby Sky), but wrestling fans know that Matt used to be in a relationship with Lita. Everyone has an ex-significant other out there somewhere, but Reby would rather not hear Lita’s name mentioned ever again.

Wrestling fans around the world know that Lita and Matt Hardy were a thing for a long period other than their time with Jeff in Team Extreme. Matt and Lita were even paired together on WWE television during one of his returns to the company, but then, Version One went out with a pretty serious knee injury and everything fell apart.

Lita and Edge ended up having an affair, which eventually spilled over into WWE storylines — and the rest is history. Since then, Edge and Lita have long since broken up. She does random things for WWE, and he married Beth Phoenix. Meanwhile, Matt is married to Reby, and they have two kids.

Still, there are some things that will always be sensitive subjects, and this is one of them.

As reported by Sportskeeda, many fans have hoped for a reunion of Team Extreme now that the Hardy Boyz are back in WWE. As one fan tweeted, she wondered if it could be possible with Reby and her two children included, but she was not so keen on the idea.

Once the photo was posted, Reby decided to respond. She was clearly not happy with the fan.

The Hardy Boyz have been having a great deal of success since their WWE return a few months ago, but it is doubtful that Team Extreme would ever return. Right now, they’re just moving right along as the Hardy Boyz and, one day, they may have singles runs, but don’t expect a retro flashback.

The one major change that could happen is if WWE ever found a way for the “Broken” gimmick to take place on their shows. Matt Hardy keeps teasing that this change will happen and Wrestling Inc. pointed out his latest one.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are back in WWE and they’re doing quite well for themselves, but Team Extreme appears to be a thing of the past. Lita doesn’t work for the company in a full-time manner any longer, and it is hard to imagine that Reby Sky Hardy would be cool with that reunion anyway. Still, if Vince McMahon wants it, then it’s going to happen, but it is much more likely that things will become “broken” before extreme.

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