Kate Middleton’s Knee Looks Like Casper The Friendly Ghost — And It’s Breaking The Internet!

A Reddit forum claiming that Duchess Catherine’s knee looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost, or an alien, has now blown up the internet!

According to The Sun, when Kate Middleton was at the V&A last week, opening the new entrance, courtyard, and exhibition room, she wore a dress that showed off her knees. Looking like Jackie Kennedy, dressed in a black and cream tweed Gucci mini-dress, the observation was made that her right knee had the shape of the iconic cartoon character, Casper, or an alien.

It appears that Casper’s eyes can be seen, smack dab in the middle of her knee. His mouth, more faint, is towards the bottom of her knee. The entire image is very spooky!

The Duchess of Cambridge’s shapely knee has no visual scars or any sort of disfigurement whatsoever. Yet, once internet users saw that the Reddit users were right, that her knee did resemble the cartoon ghost, they could not unsee it.

Apparently, discussing the shape of knees and what they look like is not uncommon on Reddit. There appears to be a forum on this, and some of the celebrities scrutinized include Selena Gomez, who some claim has Donald Trump’s image on her knees, so Kate need not be concerned that she is being singled out by the Reddit users.

It was only a year ago this week that the internet went wild when an optical illusion photo of Duchess Catherine appeared to look like she was floating on air! Taken on July 1, 2016, Catherine was attending the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme in Theipval, France.

This is the photo that has got the internet talking about Kate Middleton's right knee--there is an image of Casper The Friendly Ghost! [Image by Nicky J Sims/Getty Images]

Walking alongside the now former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, it appeared that she was otherworldly. Kate Middleton looked like she was floating on air!

How could this happen? The gap between Kate’s black pumps and the ground created the optical illusion because the front of her shoes never touched the ground, and the soles of her shoes matched the ground she was walking on. Yet, the photo, taken by Chris Radburn, made it look like she was floating on air! Pretty nifty of the Duchess of Cambridge!

Do you think that Kate Middleton’s knee looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost or an alien?

[Featured Image by Richard Pohle/WPA Pool /Getty Images]