‘Futurama’ Future News Teased, Could Series Be Coming Back And In What Form?

Futurama is apparently set to come back in some form sometime in the future, with one of the show’s creators teasing that more from the beloved cartoon will release later this year. Both possibilities of a TV series continuation or another film for the franchise have been specifically taken off the table, but that still leaves a number of possibilities.

It seems the show might be coming back, although not in a way fans might expect according to Screenrant. The information came from a recent Reddit AMA held by Futurama creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, along with voice actors Billy West and John DiMaggio who starred in the show as Phillip J. Fry and Bender respectively.

The AMA was held just the previous week, with the time itself conspicuous considering the latest cancellation of the series came in 2013 although the AMA could have been done in part to promote the new mobile game Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. As with any AMA, the show’s creators encouraged Reddit users to throw any questions at them regarding the show, which meant that it was inevitable until someone asked about a possible continuation.

Reddit user jeppe96 posted on the thread to ask whether there will be any more episodes or movies coming for the show, which garnered a response from Cohen who confirmed that there are indeed no current plans about a serial of theatrical continuation. However, he did announce that more from the show will be coming in the future although admitted that he could say no more on the subject.

Futurama's Matt Groening and David Cohen in Reddit AMA
[Image by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images]

Cohen’s reply indicated that the news will be coming within the summer, so that means any time from the present to before September begins; he also cautioned fans from ramping up their hype, despite saying the information will be exciting. Cohen specifically stating that no new episodes or movies are being worked in is also interesting, although unfortunate for those who wanted more of those, the possibility of Futurama coming back in other media is still open.

One possibility that immediately springs to mind is a new Futurama game, one that is likely separate and possibly even bigger in scale than Worlds of Tomorrow. The franchise has had a number of video games in the past, but none as big and deep as something like the recent and upcoming South Park games, and the producers could be planning to create their own after the success of Stick of Truth and the hype around Fracture But Whole.

Aside from a video game, the franchise could possibly get revived through a new comic book series, or maybe even a novelization. Animated shows continuing through graphic novels are not all that uncommon, with Nickelodeon’s Avatar series still continuing through the medium, although a book is slightly more unlikely, but still possible.

Other pseudo-revival options are a short web series, which gets a pass since Cohen only mentioned TV episodes, convention events, a multimedia website information portal, or even character appearances in future The Simpsons episodes. At any rate, whatever form Futurama‘s future will take, fans can only wait until the news officially comes out soon.

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