Scott Disick: Why He's Refusing To Date Bella Thorne After Breakup -- What Went Wrong?

Scott Disick isn't interested in dating Bella Thorne again, especially after their fiasco in Cannes last month, sources reveal.

According to reports, the father-of-three is back in contact with his supposed ex-girlfriend, whom he dated for no more than a month, and though they have since been seen out in public together, there are no plans for a reconciliation.

It was reported at the time of Thorne's sudden flight back to Los Angeles that she was outraged Scott Disick has allegedly cheated on her with other women while vacationing with her in France.

She ended the relationship in an instant and vowed to keep her distance from the self-proclaimed sex addict, but sources say things have gradually changed since Scott Disick returned to California.

According to Hollywood Life, Scott Disick and Bella are on speaking terms but they are definitely not dating. The social media fanatic isn't looking to start a new romance, nor does he want to rekindle the one he shared with the 19-year-old.

Insiders close to the two claim that Scott Disick likes the companionship of Thorne, which would explain why they are still talking to one another.

Scott was very apologetic over his actions in Cannes. In an effort to make up for his wrongdoings, he allegedly gifted the actress with flowers and gifts, which Bella seemed to have accepted, TMZ claims.

It's further claimed that Bella's parents aren't too happy about her decision to continue spending time with Scott Disick, despite the fact that she's heavily denied being in a relationship with the 34-year-old again.

Last week, Scott Disick and Thorne were seen in West Hollywood together, and though fans were quick to assume that the duo had gotten back together, a source for Hollywood Life claims that this isn't the case.

Right now, Scott Disick is strictly sticking to being nothing more than friends with Bella, adding that he's not looking for love right now.

After the incidents that transpired in Cannes, Scott Disick wants to do nothing more than to work on himself and spend quality time with his family and friends, which now seem to include Bella Thorne.

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