'General Hospital' Spoilers: Andre And Anna Heat Up The Dance Floor-Are They A Perfect Fit For Each Other?

A new couple may be headed for some romance on General Hospital soon. In fact, it looks like they have sparked some fires already. Anna Devane and Andre Maddox have been friends for a while now. They hadn't been ready for anything more than that, but their feelings for each other are starting to change to something more.

On Friday's episode of General Hospital, the twosome met up at Kelly's and sat down to chat about Anna testifying at Valentin Cassadine's trial, and also about Andre's former flame, Jordan Ashford. It is not totally certain that he is completely over Jordan yet. Upcoming spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps says that Andre will seek Anna out for comfort. Is he still upset about Jordan getting back together with Curtis?

Anna and Andre had a little fun together at a dance studio on Friday as they let loose to some disco music. Who knew Andre could keep up with Anna Devane? Actress Finola Hughes has plenty of dance experience and she definitely brought her stuff on General Hospital. She starred alongside John Travolta in "Staying Alive" back in 1983 and it looked like she used some of those unique moves with Andre.

Not only did they heat up the dance floor, but Andre decided to seal it with a kiss. Anna didn't hold back either. Viewers will see what happens between them next week. Will there be more romance between them or will one of them pull back before it goes any further?

Previous spoilers had suggested that Anna may eventually be linked with Valentin, but he is currently about ready to be sent to prison. Or is he? She will be quite surprised when Valentin shows up unexpectedly in Port Charles. He will somehow be let go and will be making his way back. This could disrupt her potential romance with Andre.

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However, Valentin is still married to Nina Reeves and it sounds like he is not ready to let her go just yet, even for Anna. So, it may be a hot summer romance between the WSB agent and the GH psychiatrist.

How do you feel about an Andre and Anna hookup? Will there be a love triangle when Valentin returns soon? Because of the Fourth of July holiday, General Hospital will not have any new shows until Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday will be showing reruns. Be sure to catch all of the action coming up this summer.

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