Is Milos Teodosic Signing With The Chicago Bulls?

Serbian basketball star Milos Teodosic is close to signing a multi-year deal with the Chicago Bulls, or is he? There are a couple of conflicting reports involving the Chicago Bulls and one of the best international basketball players. What the Bulls wind up doing will determine what type of rebuilding process they will undergo. They have two directions to take -- a full rebuild or rebuild on the fly. Signing Teodosic would suggest the latter.

With the Bulls beginning to clear the deck by jettisoning Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo, they are reportedly setting their sights on Teodosic. The Bulls has had an interest in Milos Teodosic for quite some time. And with the point guard finally eligible for NBA free agency, the Bulls are one of the teams looking to add him.

A report placed the Chicago Bulls as one of the teams interested in signing the CSKA Moscow star.

The Miami Heat are another NBA team that is targeting Milos Teodosic, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Teodosic, 30 years-old, has good size for the point guard spot. CSKA Moscow has him listed at 6-foot-5. That makes him big enough to slide over to shooting guard in some instances, depending on the matchup.

His court vision and ability to drive into the lane has intrigued a lot of NBA scouts. Many of whom herald him as the top player who is not currently on an NBA roster. The Chicago Bulls are close to becoming Milos Teodosic's NBA team, if there is any accuracy in the international reports.

Italian-based website Sportando is reporting that the Chicago Bulls are close to bringing in Milos Teodosic. Meanwhile, according to a tweet from The Athletic Chicago's Sean Highkin, who covers the Chicago Bulls would suggest otherwise.

Who and what to believe is difficult to determine because the Chicago Bulls generally keep things close to the vest as an organization.

Milos Teodosic would be an intriguing signing for the Chicago Bulls if not for one thing -- they are supposedly rebuilding. Agreeing to terms on a multi-year contract does not suggest that the Bulls are doing otherwise. It would hurt the development of second-year guard Kris Dunn, whom the Bulls acquired by trading Jimmy Butler.

There has not been a set timetable for the Chicago Bulls in terms of rebuilding the team. With a now weaker Eastern Conference, thanks to the trades of Jimmy Butler and Paul George in Indiana, making the postseason could only require 37 wins.

Next season will present some challenges for the Bulls, but the plan may be to rebuild on the fly, instead of tearing everything down. A full blown rebuilding process can take anywhere from four to seven years. Doing it on the fly could only take one season if several moves pan out properly.

That plan has been successful for the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and Portland Trail Blazers. Rebuilding does not always include getting the best odds in the draft lottery. Potentially signing Milos Teodosic would ultimately suggest that this is what the Bulls want to do.

The Chicago Bulls made the playoffs with Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo leading the charge. Swapping out Butler and Rondo for Milos Teodosic and Zach LaVine, who was also added from the Butler trade does not put the Bulls that far off. If anything, it adds a higher ceiling for what type of team the Bulls could become.

Milos Teodosic is guarded by Jimmy Butler.
The difference between Jimmy Butler and Milos Teodosic could simply be their respective ceilings. [Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]

Contending for an Eastern Conference champion will not be too far off after next season if LeBron James bolts the Cleveland Cavaliers. Having a player with the skill set of Milos Teodosic in the fold would go a long way in contending.

A realistic scenario could happen would be for the Chicago Bulls to sign Milos Teodosic, then bottom out a bit and finish with 30 wins. That might be good enough to finish in the bottom half of the NBA lottery. The Bulls could then add a player from the lottery to the current mix that they have, and all of a sudden they could become a rising team once again. All of the pieces would be in place for a sustainable run.

There are some doubts that the Chicago Bulls will add Milos Teodosic. Much of that has to do with the fact that they are rebuilding. What is getting lost in everything is that sometimes rebuilding simply means changing the faces who represent the franchise.

The difference between a Jimmy Butler led Chicago Bulls' team and the potential of aMilos Teodosic led Chicago Bulls team are not much. Except for the fact that the ceiling is higher. Which is why teams rebuild in the first place -- to raise their ceilings. But there are conflicting accounts regarding the Bulls and Teodosic. What winds up happening will reveal what type of rebuild the Bulls' front office has in mind.

Milos Teodosic may or may not sign with the Chicago Bulls. As some reports suggest that the two sides are getting close, others are saying there is nothing to the story. Bulls' fans will find out soon enough.

[Featured Image by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images]