Matt Reeves Reveals Exactly What His ‘Batman’ Film Will Be Like

While we’re still waiting for confirmation on when we’ll actually get to see Ben Affleck’s Batman in his very own solo film, we do know that Matt Reeves is the director that has been tasked with bringing it to the big-screen. Matt Reeves has now been detailing exactly what attracted him to the character and the blockbuster, as well as revealing how he will approach it, too.

“What I see in Batman that I find so interesting is that, in a way, he reminds me of Caesar, in that he is a character with a really troubled past who is grappling within himself to try to do the right thing in a really imperfect world, in a corrupt world. That provides an opportunity, again, if you want to take that point-of-view storytelling — and I can imagine the story as being like a noir. The originals from the golden age were detective stories. I think if you can marry that with the personal, there’s a chance to do something very exciting.”

Matt Reeves made the above admission when he sat down with Khristopher Tapley to discuss his latest film, War For The Planet Of The Apes, on Variety’s Playback podcast.

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Matt Reeves has been answering myriad questions regarding The Batman during his press commitments for The War For The Planet Of The Apes, the most important of which was the confirmation that Ben Affleck will indeed be playing the character again.

Ben Affleck previously played Batman in the DC Extended Universe in both Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad. Ben Affleck was all set not just to reprise the character in The Batman, but to also write and direct the film, too. However, shortly after Ben Affleck’s most recent project as a filmmaker Live By Night was released and flopped, the Academy Award-winning writer dropped out as its director.

This immediately led to a variety of rumors that Ben Affleck was looking for a way out of The Batman, especially after the script that he’d originally written alongside Geoff Johns was then re-written by Chris Terrio. The fact that Matt Reeves has now confirmed that Ben Affleck will indeed return to portray the character suggests that he has already sat down to discuss the film with the actor, and that they’re both happy.

Audiences don’t have to wait much longer to see Ben Affleck as Batman again, though, as he will do just that in Justice League. While we know that Justice League will be in cinemas on November 17, 2017, we’re still waiting for news on when The Batman will be with us, though.

But with Matt Reeves on board, it should hopefully be as early as 2019.

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