'Big Brother 19' Rumors: Veto Ceremony On Sunday, Backdoor Plan Set In Motion?

Big Brother 19 rumors indicate that the first Veto Ceremony will take place on Sunday (July 2). The BB19 house just received daily announcement to wake up, and the live feeds keep giving subscribers "fish" on the four camera views. Fan site Joker's Updates has a report from the morning that states the POV Ceremony will take place on Sunday, but it gets filed under Big Brother 19 rumors for now, as it's not always easy to predict what production will do on a holiday weekend.

The Week 1 Veto results of the were quite interesting, especially with what has been taking place in the house over the past few days. The CBS television audience is way behind the live feed viewers, with a lot of footage that has to get packed into the next couple of episodes now. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it includes a shocking revelation about who is on the block and facing a possible eviction. Fans keeping up with the live feeds have been treated to daily Big Brother 19 spoilers. Some of those are listed below.

Recapping some of the major moments of the past week, Megan Lowdy self-evicted herself from the house after she felt she was getting bullied by several houseguests. Head of Household Cody Nickson then placed Alex Ow on the block as a replacement nominee, and she had to battle against fellow nominee Jillian Parker in the first Veto Competition of the summer. After Alex won the Power of Veto, a number of Big Brother 19 rumors have surfaced about how she might use that power at the Veto Ceremony.

There are two backdoor plans that could surface during the Veto Ceremony, with both plans revolving around Cody Nickson targeting an unsuspecting houseguest. In one plan, which Cody worked out with Alex Ow, she would use the Power of Veto to save Jillian, and he would then announce that Jason Dent is the replacement nominee. It is expected that there are already enough votes in the BB19 house to send Jason out the door. In the second plan, Alex would save Jillian and then Cody would put Paul Abrahamian on the block.There were two big indicators that Cody is going to target Jason, leading to this latest installment of the Big Brother 19 rumors. Right before the houseguests went to bed, Cody spoke with Paul, agreeing that they were on the same page and that they would keep each other safe until the BB19 jury. Then on Sunday morning, Jessica Graf, who is in a showmance with Cody Nickson, was telling Mark Jansen about how loyal she is to Paul Abrahamian. Would that conversation be necessary if Paul was going home? Does it prove Jason Dent is the real target?

Something is about to take place at the first Veto Ceremony for the BB19 cast, and it would not serve Cody well if he didn't get on the same page with Jessica unless he doesn't trust her at all in the game. That would certainly present some interesting drama in the house if Cody were to nominate Paul without running it by Jessica first. No matter which direction he goes, all of the current Big Brother 19 rumors point to an exciting Veto Ceremony on Sunday, so fans should stay tuned for some fireworks.

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