Farrah Abraham And Her Dad, Michael, Open Up About Farrah's Horrific Traumatic Experience

Farrah Abraham is one of the most controversial figures on the Teen Mom franchise. The reality star has flitted from one show to the next, bringing in drama and views wherever she goes. However, her father, Michael Abraham, recently opened up about the star's dark past and a traumatic experience that has colored her perception of the world.

Fans who watched Farrah Abraham on Marriage Bootcamp know that her family frequently referred to "Farrah's trauma." While some figured that meant the blowout fight between Debra Danielsen, Farrah's mom, and Farrah herself that lead to the police being called to their Iowa home, her father opened up about the experience.

According to Michael, Farrah Abraham was drugged and raped multiple times after appearing in her sex tape with porn star James Deen. He did not allege an attacker, though Farrah Abraham insinuated that her former co-star, James Deen, might have had a hand in it when she tweeted that she didn't have time for rapists after porn star Stoya accused him of assault. She also said she "told her so."

Michael also stated that not only has Farrah Abraham had physical altercations with her mother, but she has also been involved in physical violence with her half-sister, which has contributed to some of her emotional scarring.

The reality TV star is currently traveling around the world looking for love on the MTV UK series, Single AF. She accompanies other singles from MTV reality programs as they fly to different destinations to seek out the perfect companion. Farrah Abraham's first stop was in Sydney, Australia, where she had a date with an Italian model.

Farrah Abraham has continued the same pattern as all other reality TV shows she's on, already insulting co-stars and getting into fights with them. Marnie Simpson of MTV UK's Geordie Shore made it known she was not impressed with Farrah's behavior. Marnie had also seen Farrah on Teen Mom OG and felt that the way she spoke to her parents was disrespectful.

Although Farrah Abraham may be looking for love on MTV, her on-again, off-again boyfriend says that they are actually together, but she is pretending to be single so she can go on the show and collect a pay check.

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