Amber Portwood Tells Ex, Matt Baier, It's Time To 'Lawyer Up'

Things are about to get messy in the split between Matt Baier and Amber Portwood, and it seems as though their time on Marriage Bootcamp didn't end up doing them any favors. In a series of deleted tweets, Amber Portwood told Matt Baier that it was time for him to start searching for a lawyer so that the pair could divide their assets. She also told him that he needed to remove all photographs of her daughter, Leah, 8, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

It was rumored that Amber Portwood agreed to go on Marriage Bootcamp already knowing her situation with Matt was a lost cause. And if that's the case, it appears she proved herself right. She has recently taken to Twitter to complain about the other members of the house and the therapy she and Matt are receiving on the show. She also stated that she should have never agreed to do the show, even after denying on Instagram Live that she was going to be a cast member.

The relationship between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier was so far gone before the show even began that it is a wonder the pair even decided to do the show at all.

The relationship has fallen on hard times on several occasions during Amber Portwood's stint on Teen Mom OG, but most recently, Matt was again accused of cheating on Amber and several women came forward with alleged proof of the indiscretions. One woman even claimed that Matt had fathered her child while he was with Amber.

Amber Portwood had Matt take a lie detector test, which he failed, though he seemed a bit nonchalant about the whole thing thinking he could weasel his way back into Amber's life.

The Teen Mom OG star admitted on last Monday's season finale episode that Matt had control of her bank account and has stolen as much as $120,000 from her. At one point, he even blew $30,000 at a casino, which Amber somehow decided to forgive him for.

Although most of the Twitter exchange between Matt and Amber has been deleted, Matt posted about the long weekend, and Amber Portwood replied snappily with, "It's a long weekend of you getting dumped."

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