Barron Trump Steals White House Style Spotlight, From Gucci To Fidget Spinners: Meet First Boy Of Fashion

Barron Trump is stealing the White House style spotlight.

Ever since Barron Trump moved into the White House with First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump, he’s been heralded as the first boy to live in the White House in more than 50 years. Now, however, after sporting fashionable accessories such as Gucci shoes and fidget spinners, Barron also is being labeled the First Boy of Fashion.

It’s only fair to give some of the credit to Melania. Since becoming First Lady, Melania has become famed for her fashion choices, and as the First Mom to Barron, she’s passing on those style lessons to the First Son. At 11, Trump’s preteen son is almost as tall as his six-foot, two-inch dad, and Barron has occasionally added an inch or two to his height with his choice of shoes, making a stylish impression.

On Friday, Barron was spotted striding along the South Lawn of the White House. His footwear was described as “sleek, casual shoes that are versatile for any occasion this summer” by Footwear News.

What do you wear for a weekend vacation to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, traveling on Air Force One with your parents? For Barron, those Gucci black loafer moccasins went nicely with a pair of always-in-style khaki shorts and a classic T-shirt.

Although young Trump has been showing off his own style since moving to Washington, D.C., he’s on a summer break from the school year. When it’s time to return to the classroom, however, Barron is known for sporting dark New Balance 574 Core sneakers with his prep school uniform.

Barron Trump is the First Son of Style.

Those shoes are available for retail in various colors for $74.99 on, but those who want to sport shoes exactly like Barron can custom-order them for about $149. The 11-year-old fashion icon’s now famous statement T-shirt that read “The Expert” can be purchased for $12.99 on

But while it’s Melania who is credited for giving Barron his style cues, the First Boy of the White House sometimes color coordinates with his presidential dad Donald.

Barron Trump's style is color coordinated with President Trump.

When President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, and their son Barron exited the White House on Friday afternoon for a family weekend, the First Son stepped up to the fashion plate and hit a home run by going with a combination of his own style (beige shorts) and color choices that coordinated with his parents (a blue T-shirt). The Daily Mail described the patriotic fashion choices of the First Family.

“All three coordinated in very patriotic red, white, and blue ensembles, with Melania donning a red-and-white gingham skirt and white blouse…Trump opted for a navy blue suit and striped blue tie, and…Barron looked relaxed in a blue T-shirt and beige shorts.”

Twitter has taken notice of the stylish choices made by President Trump and Melania’s son, with many labeling him a “style icon.”

Barron also turned heads for his fashion choices when he was seen with President Trump and Melania boarding Marine One to spend Father’s Day weekend at Camp David. Sporting shorts with the crest of London soccer team Arsenal and matching knee socks, along with a red Ralph Lauren shirt with matching New Balance sneakers, the 11-year-old seemed to share President Trump‘s passion for soccer, noted MSN.

And while those soccer crest-emblazoned shorts were seen as a link to Trump’s high school days soccer playing, Barron also has made his own style statement with other fashion choices. His choice of a J. Crew shirt reading “The Expert” went viral on Twitter, with Esquire proclaiming Barron a “style muse.”

So how do you top Gucci shoes, a Ralph Lauren shirt, and an outfit that color coordinates with the president of the United States? Barron trumped them all when he was seen carrying the fidget spinner, which has become a hot toy trend.

Newsweek noted that when First Kid Barron Trump and his mother moved into the White House with President Trump, Barron’s red fidget spinner stole the spotlight.

Even though some Twitter critics questioned whether Barron’s toy was purchased with taxpayer dollars, most cheered Barron for carrying a toy that other kids enjoyed, including CGTN-America correspondent Jim Spellman.

“OMG!!! Barron Trump has a fidget spinner just like every single boy in my daughter’s class!”

The correspondent tweeted his surprise at seeing Trump’s son playing with the exact same toy as his daughter. Others joined him, with some congratulating Barron on figuring out how to survive life in the goldfish bowl that is the White House.

“That shirt AND that fidget spinner? Barron, you’ve got this life thing figured out,” tweeted another user.

[Featured Image by Zach Gibson/Getty Images]