‘90210’ Actress Jennie Garth’s One Simple Rule That Helps Her Stay In Amazing Shape: Can You Do It Too?

Beloved Beverly Hills, 90210 actress Jennie Garth has made eating right and keeping slim as simple as possible. Her one food rule is that she does not buy–or eat–anything “from a box or a can.” So, what does the Mystery Girls actress eat?

Although most people associate Jennie Garth with a ritzy California zip code, she is actually from a midwest farming family. She grew up learning how to grow her own food, and how to prepare the whole, fresh, and natural produce. So, it should be of no surprise that Jennie told People that her one food rule is that she will not eat anything she would prepare from a box, or from opening up a can.

Nowadays, the mother of three very impressionable daughters, fills her fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. She also jokes about being “a crazy vitamin lady.” No doubt that she wants to make sure that she is setting a good example for her daughters, that she shares with ex-husband, Twilight star Peter Facinelli.

One of the reasons she stays away from the packaged food is that she is on a successful gluten-free diet, that has resulted in her losing 30 pounds. In order to keep on track with her diet, she realized that reading the box or can labels can be so confusing. Whether checking what a serving size consists of, the nutrients in the package, and exactly what ingredients are in the box or can, this can be confusing. Eating food that is closer to the source allows her to know she is eating right, without any extra fuss or confusion.

So, does living in California mean that she has a garden? Absolutely! Because of her small yard, she has a tower garden, that grows up. This allows her to grow fresh tomatoes and ensure she is getting those all too precious vitamins.

So, what is Garth’s one indulgence? White chocolate. As it comes in a wrapper, she will allow herself a “bite or two,” as a sweet treat.

The other component of her successful dieting is that she gets a bit of exercise every day. This is part of her healthy living promise to herself.

“You have to remind yourself what your priorities are. And remind yourself about staying healthy and living a healthy life.”

Do you like Jennie Garth’s solution for keeping her weight off? Will you consider avoiding anything from a box or a can? Share your opinions below!

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