Glitter Boobs Are The Newest Fashion Trend For Women -- Find Out How To Get The Bold Look

A particularly hot stretch of weather in England led to women coming up with the country's newest fashion trend, just in time to make a "statement" at the 2017 Glastonbury Festival: glitter boobs.

Writers for The Sun describe that the bold, feminine-themed look has taken off with ladies of all ages, who are now applying specks of shiny material on and around their bare breasts, along with an added gemstone or two to cover their nipples for modesty's sake.

"Glitter boobs are a beauty trend where women cover their breasts in sparkly paint, multi-colored gems and nipple tassels," writers for the New York Post confirm the existence of the new fashion craze.

For further proof of its existence, images of women displaying the glitter boobs fashion trend on Instagram can be accessed here, here, and also here.

The Post's writers also explain that the bra-less fashion move, also occasionally dubbed "disco t**s" or "glitter t**s" by the public, has been used by a handful of notable fashion designers, including Yves Saint Laurent, on their runway models.

glitter boobs
The new fashion trend has emerged, thanks to an ongoing heatwave in England: glitter boobs. [Image by sbayram/iStock]

"Laurent featured the [glitter boobs] look in their SS17 show," the Post goes on to note, "and it was [also] all the rage at California's Coachella festival."

From fashion shows to musical festivals, the glitter boobs trend then trickled its way to female users of social media, "with hundreds of women [now] proudly baring their jewel-encrusted breasts" on the photo-sharing site daily.

The look has also reportedly proven popular with women currently attending the Glastonbury Festival in England, with several female attendees seen rocking the provocative look throughout the performance grounds, according to The Sun.

glitter boobs
Women attending the 2017 Glastonbury Festival have been seen rocking the bold, bright look. [Image by Matt Cardy/Stringer/Getty Images]

"Since the event started on Wednesday, [several] performers have been seen dancing in just sequin pasties and hot pants," they detail further.

For women who are curious to try glitter boobs for themselves, the Post was kind enough to offer a step-by-step tutorial, which can be found below.

  1. Invest in quality sticky gems with proper adhesive on the back.
  2. Apply a fixing gel or hair gel before sprinkling glitter and gems on [boobs].
  3. Set the gems with hair spray.
  4. Continue [on] to decorate your face, arms and hair to complete the look.
  5. And remember, you don't actually need to [be] naked – you could always wear a crop top or [a] bra-lette.
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[Featured Image by Matt Cardy/Stringer/Getty Images]