Sadie Robertson Shares Scary Experience Involving Three Men In White Van, 'Duck Dynasty' Star Shaken

Sadie Robertson just recently had a very scary experience while shopping at a mall and took to her Instagram account to share a little of what happened that had her so freaked out. It involved three men who looked like they were up to no good. She shared just a little bit about it, but mostly talked about how thankful she is for being protected.

According to Fox News, the Duck Dynasty star said that she was being followed by three men while she was shopping in the mall. She then left to go out to her car, which was parked in a parking garage, and that is where she encountered the same men. They were apparently waiting for her in a white van that was parked right beside her. That was about all she had said about the incident. She never went into any more details on how she got out of the bad situation.

It was obviously a frightening time for Sadie that night. As would any young girl who was alone and faced three men who may have done her some harm, she was a little shaken over what happened. However, she did say that she turned her fear at that time over to God. She mentioned that she was also thankful for her dad, Willie Robertson, who was able to calm her down over the phone.

It is not clear on whether these men knew who she was or if they just had their eyes on her randomly, but it could have ended badly, and she repeatedly expressed her gratefulness for making it through. Thankfully, she is okay and is able to relay a message of hope.
"I want to encourage everyone to be aware of your surroundings. We hear this a lot, but then we also snap chat a lot if ya know what I mean. We aren't necessarily the most aware of our surroundings generation, but a minute of not paying attention tonight could of created a whole different life for me."
Sadie is back home safely and will still continue to encourage young women through her Live Original tour. She also posts encouraging YouTube videos where she talks about God, hope, and peace. She loves to share her experiences with others.

Sadie Robertson incident
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Maybe one day soon she will talk more about what happened in the mall parking garage. She did say in her Instagram post that this has taught her how important it is to be aware of her surroundings because that basically had saved her from a different scenario that could have happened.

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