'Lucifer' Season 3 Spoilers: Will God, Mom Return? EP Reveals What Happens To Lucifer And Chloe

Lucifer executive producer Joe Henderson just dropped several hints as to what fans can expect in Season 3. The Fox series ended on a major cliffhanger and viewers are dying to know what happens next to their favorite devil.

During an interview with Buddy TV, Henderson revealed bits of details of Charlotte a.k.a. Mom's (Tricia Helfer) whereabouts, God's place in the series, where Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is, and how his relationship with Chloe (Lauren German) will develop in Season 3.

Helfer's character as the goddess or Lucifer's mom who's taken the body of mortal Charlotte brought an interesting mix to the series when she was introduced in Lucifer Season 2. Now that Lucifer has sent her off to a different universe using the Flaming Sword, fans wonder if she'll ever be back.

Henderson explained that Charlotte/Mom's disappearance into another realm is like a metaphor for divorce, in which she was sent to a far place to rebuild herself and figure out what she really wants to do with her life. As for her return, Henderson didn't exactly confirm it but hinted that it could be a possibility considering Mom has been a great addition to the story.

Lucifer EP Joe Henderson gave hints as to what happens in Season 3
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As for the real Charlotte Richards, Henderson confirmed that she'll be back in Lucifer Season 3 and the production team can't wait to do something different with the character.

"Tricia Helfer is an amazing actress and we adore her. It's not the last we'll see of her. She's in our cast for Season 3."
Aimee Garcia, who plays forensic scientist Ella in the series, also confirmed at the Saturn Awards that Tricia will definitely return, TV Line reported.

God, played by Timothy Omundson, is also another character that has captured the audience despite having appeared in only one episode. There's that question about how real God was in the episode and if he'll get to return to share a moment with his rebellious son once again. According to Henderson, God will probably return to the series if there is a right story for him. God's presence in that particular episode gave fans a glimpse of what Lucifer wants from his father. But it remains to be seen if the devil will get what he wants from God.

As for the major cliffhanger of Lucifer Season 2, in which the Prince of Darkness was seen to be in a desert and have regrown his wings, Henderson didn't offer a clear explanation on Lucy's whereabouts. However, he did hint that Lucifer Season 3 will be all about finding Lucifer's identity and how his regrown wings will affect him. The next season will also address how the wings have returned and who's responsible for it.

Lucifer Season 3 will pick up where it left off with Lucifer and Chloe
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Henderson also revealed that Lucifer Season 3 will pick up from where it left off, particularly the truth bomb that Lucifer was about to drop to Chloe. It can be recalled that in Season 2, Lucifer called his partner-slash-love-interest and told her he's ready to tell her everything she needs to know. But in the next season, it remains to be seen if Lucifer will change his mind or if he's going to tell Chloe the same thing that he had planned on telling her.

Besides these major spoilers from the executive producer himself, Garcia also shared how Ella will be "in touch with other characters" in Season 3, as reported by TV Line. The actress revealed how her character will take a road trip with Lucifer with singing and dancing involved. It's unclear why and where they are headed or if they have the other team members with them, but it is expected to be an interesting episode considering Ella and Lucifer are great together as buddies.

Lucifer Season 3 is set to premiere on Fox on Oct. 2. It's still a bit of a long wait, and with these hints from the EP, fans will look forward to the return of the series even more.

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