July 1, 2017
Katy Perry Defends Her Decision To Live Stream Her Therapy Session

Last month, Katy Perry live streamed her entire weekend for her fourth studio album, Witness. Throughout the weekend, the pop star stayed inside the Big Brother house. Fans were able to watch their pop idol host dinner parties, interact with her famous friends, and sit through a therapy session. Some thought Katy Perry's therapy session was way too personal. Others assumed it was a ploy to increase album sales. Katy Perry is defending her right to stream her therapy session, reports Rolling Stone.

In her interview on radio station KIIS FM's Kyle & Jackie O Show, the songstress revealed why she decided to be so revealing during her Witness Worldwide Livestream. Katy Perry's fans got to watch her sleep. They even caught a glimpse of Perry, 32, being vulnerable and raw as she opened up to VICELAND's Dr. Siri Singh about her depression, suicidal thoughts, and alcohol abuse. She also admitted that her haircut was freeing and that she doesn't want to be Katy Perry the person anymore. During her interview, Perry said that she's been regularly going to therapy for the past few years. She wanted to end that stigma by being open about her own mental health struggles.

"I've been going to therapy for about five years and I think it has really helped my mental health incredibly," Perry said. "And it's a really wonderful thing to be able to talk to someone who doesn't judge you, because I don't think a lot of people have that. I encourage it. People think it's weird or they think yoga is weird. No, there is nothing wrong about taking care of your physical and mental health. That's awesome."

katy perry talks mental health
Katy Perry talks about the importance of mental health. [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Katy Perry said she hopes that her being open about her own mental health problems will encourage her fans to not be afraid to seek therapy. Perry wants to continue having an open and honest relationship with her fans. She doesn't want to be the untouchable pop star that she's become known for over the years. She wants people to know that she's just like them. She deals with the same issues that her fans do. Perry hopes that her therapy session will inspire fans to follow their own dreams while dealing with their struggles.

During that same interview, Katy Perry also addressed those photos of Orlando Bloom paddle boarding naked behind her. The "Swish Swish" singer was seen sitting up front in a tie-dye bikini. The reason why Perry said she didn't get naked with Bloom is that she simply didn't feel like it. However, she did get naked with him later in their boat. The two were on their Italian beach getaway when the photos went viral on social media.

katy perry inspires fans
Katy Perry hopes to inspire fans with her therapy session. [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry's therapy session? Do you think it was a weird and uncomfortable to watch? Or do you think it was important for her fans? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]