Steve Burton Says ‘GH’ Return Is Full Of Surprises — What Do Fans Think Of Two Jason Morgans?

It has been one exciting week on ABC’s General Hospital after the unexpected announcement came that Steve Burton was returning to his old stomping grounds. Social media has been blowing up ever since. Everyone has been going crazy after hearing the news and trying to decipher what this all means. The soap actor had a Facebook Live chat with his fans expressing his gratitude for all of the support, and to dish a couple of tidbits as well.

Having Steve Burton back on General Hospital is a dream come true for many fans. However, there are a few viewers who are not too keen on the possibility of another Jason Morgan returning to Port Charles. Burton couldn’t dish too much on whether his storyline will revolve around him playing the role of Jason again or something completely different. However, according to Soap Opera Digest, he promised that there will be some surprises soon, and lots of fun as well.

General Hospital fans have been debating on social media on what will happen when Steve Burton does show up. If the writers do have him come back as the real Jason that has the face everyone knows and loves, it will definitely complicate things for Sam Morgan, not to mention the current Jason Morgan.

Billy Miller had stepped into this iconic role on the ABC daytime drama and made the character his own. He turned Stone Cold Jason into a more loosened up version. Sam fell in love with him all over again and had another child with him. But she is now not as content with her life as she once was. Her hallucinations are getting the best of her.

It sounds like this is a strong lead in for Sam’s life to be turned upside down if she is married to a man who is not the person who actually came back from the dead. Is this just the beginning of the tale of two Jasons on General Hospital soon? There are many lives that will be affected if this all comes true.

Steve Burton said that he is quite excited about his return to the place he calls home. He will be reuniting with Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Kelly Monaco, and Rebecca Herbst. Steve worked closely with them for many years and it will be a sweet reunion for the actors, and for fans of the soap.

However, there are many viewers out there in soap land who adore Billy Miller and are not willing to have Burton mess that up. No one yet knows if Steve’s return will affect Billy’s time on General Hospital. As it stands right now, both men are planning on staying put, but that could eventually change down the road.

Steve Burton with Billy Miller

In addition, this whole Steve Burton return has caused those old feelings to stir between the “JaSam” and “Liason” fans. Some hold out hope for Liz and Jason to get back together. However, Elizabeth has found a new romance with Franco, and “Friz” fans would not be too happy to have any old feelings for Jason Morgan mess that up.

There is also little Jake to consider. If Steve is coming back as the real Jason, that will have some bad feelings returning for his son. Remember that Jake had a lot of trouble dealing with Jason’s old face. He was very afraid of him on Cassadine Island. What will happen if he sees that old face again?

For those who are fans of having Steve Burton back, it looks like this gig will not just be in a hallucination or a dream. He said in the Facebook Live chat that he will be sticking around for a while. That is good news for many General Hospital watchers.

What would you like to see happen when he returns to Port Charles? Sound off your thoughts on what your perfect storyline would be for Steve Burton.

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