WWE Superstar Baron Corbin Explains How Wrestlers Can Deal With Trolls On Twitter

In the old days of professional wrestling and the WWE, many wrestlers had to worry about violence at events and often fought for their lives to survive escaping some arenas. The WWE superstars today have it easy compared to that but they face a new type of attack, although this one is more annoyance than anything. Social networks allow fans to get closer to their favorite — and most hated — WWE stars. The WWE SmackDown Live superstar talked about how he deals with internet trolls.

Current WWE Money in the Bank briefcase holder Baron Corbin was speaking to the Phoenix Sun Times about a number of topics and the reporter asked Corbin how he deals with internet trolls, especially those who attack him on social media networks like Twitter.

How Baron Corbin Deals With WWE Internet Trolls

Baron Corbin pointed out the fact that when people are on social media networks like Twitter, they feel that they are safe and that there are no repercussions when they post something, even if it is an insult towards another person, especially celebrities. Corbin said that these people do not seem to understand that WWE superstars are real people too.

Whenever a Twitter troll targets Baron Corbin, the WWE SmackDown Live superstar said that he often just laughs about it and sometimes he will remind the trolls that he is a real person and sees what they are saying. Corbin said that, when he has something clever or witty to say, he will fire back at the people on Twitter.

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin Explains How Wrestlers Can Deal With Trolls On Twitter

After this, Baron Corbin said that he will see one of two responses usually from the internet trolls. Baron said that they will either block him so that he can’t see their comments anymore and they can continue to spew insults online, or they will realize that they might have stepped out of line when insulting a WWE superstar that they don’t even know in real life.

Baron Corbin on His WWE Persona

Baron Corbin also said that there are some internet trolls that seem to just want attention and those people will get excited if he replies back on Twitter because they believe that they got to him and it makes their day. Corbin said that these moments entertain him at times because people can be “insane” on Twitter because they can say and do anything without any real consequences. The Money in the Bank winner said that he just enjoys putting people in their places sometimes.

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin Explains How Wrestlers Can Deal With Trolls On Twitter

It seems to be a big part of the character that Baron Corbin has built for himself in the WWE. Corbin said that he is just being himself and people hate him because of his arrogance. At the end of the day, Baron Corbin said that he is similar to John Cena, someone who plays himself and doesn’t change — just evolving as his WWE career progresses.

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