Jessica Simpson Is Not Interested In Her Husband Losing Weight, Says Being ‘Fat’ Is Sexier

Jessica Simpson and her hubby, Eric Johnson, have both fought the Battle of the Bulge in the past. Jessica has been slammed for gaining weight and losing weight, and the pop superstar turned fashion mogul just can’t win when it comes to what others think about her body.

In the past couple of years, her husband has packed on the pounds, and though he’s trying to lose the weight, it has been reported that Jess thinks he looks better with some extra dough around the middle.

According to Radar Online, Jessica Simpson is perfectly happy that she and her husband are no longer “slaves to the gym” and she thinks their fuller figures are perfectly healthy.

Jessica Simpson probably has a point, seeing that the pair are always in the public eye, they are expected to maintain a perfect body, which is pretty much impossible for the anyone to do.

The music superstar is no stranger to yo-yo dieting, as she once got down to 102 lbs when her career as a singer skyrocketed. She says she’s learned “a lot” from being “every size,” and the singer looks like she’s found a weight she can easily maintain, yet not have to be so strict with her diet.

The star has faced criticism relatively recently from a bevy of mommy-shamers who have claimed that posting photos of her daughter, Maxwell, 5, in a two-piece invites pedophiles and others with nefarious intentions. She clapped back by posting a photo of Maxwell in a bikini as she rode her scooter around Jessica Simpson’s property, probably on a break from a dip in the pool.

Jessica Simpson has also faced criticism from fans who believe that her son, Ace’s hair is far too long and that it is “easy to see why” he has been mistaken for a girl previously. Jessica, however, doesn’t listen to her haters and keeps Ace’s hair presumably the way he wants it to be.

The star recently divulged on The Ellen Show that she is producing new music in her home and will be coming out with an album in the next year or so.

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