Charlie Sheen Auctions Off Babe Ruth Memorabilia For Nearly $4.4 Million

Actor Charlie Sheen sold two pieces of Babe Ruth memorabilia at the online auction house on Saturday morning for nearly $4.4 million.

According to ESPN, Sheen auctioned Babe Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring with the New York Yankees for $2,093,927, while one of two original copies of the document for the transaction that sold Ruth to the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox in 1919 went for $2,303,920.

Ruth was sold to the Yankees in 1919 for $125,000, according to History.

Josh Evans of Leland had purchased the other original copy of the sales document for $25,000 in 1993 and later auction it off for $99,000. That copy was later sold in 2005 for $996,000, according to ESPN.

Sheen was reportedly upset that he missed the opportunity to buy that copy of the Babe Ruth document from Evans, so he asked Evans to get the other copy owned by the famous collector, Barry Halper. Evans obtained it from Halper in 1993 at $150,000, but it is not known how much Sheen eventually bought it from Evans.

Although Sheen purchased the World Series ring and the sales document from Evans of Leland in the early 1990s, he claimed when asked recently that he could not recall how much he bought them from Evans. However, Lelands confirmed that Evans bought Sheen’s copy of the Ruth sales document from Halper at a price of $150,000 in 1993.

The sale prices for Charlie Sheen’s Babe Ruth World Series ring, inscribed inside with “G. H. Ruth,” shattered the record for a sportsman’s championship ring at an auction. The record was formerly held by the sale of Julius Erving’s 1974 ABA championship ring for $460,741 in 2011, according to Bleacher Report.

Sheen had told ESPN earlier in the week that he decided to sell the Babe Ruth World Series ring and the sales document because after having owned the pieces for more than two decades he felt that “the time has come” to transfer them to another collector.

“I’ve enjoyed these incredible items for more than two decades, and the time has come. Whatever price it brings is gravy.”

The buyer of the Ruth memorabilia was not immediately known.

Sheen, 51, is a Major League Baseball fan, who has starred in several baseball movies in the past.

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