‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Cody Nickson Makes Unsettling Comments

Big Brother 19 is already bringing the drama and only two episodes have aired. The cast was all-new this year, but that was short lived. Once a houseguest chose temptation, Paul Abrahamian was unleashed back into the game and an original player was evicted. All of this was taped ahead of the Wednesday night premiere and now, the Big Brother feeds have been unlocked for fans’ viewing pleasure. A lot has been spoiled in just 24 hours and while there may have been most notable happenings, something a houseguest said has caused a stir across social media.

Cody Nickson stood out from the beginning. He appeared to be a good-looking guy from Texas, one who would likely enter a showmance with one of the pretty girls in the Big Brother house. All of that is superficial and viewers got a glimpse into who he really is courtesy of the live feeds. According to Romper, Cody Nickson is being just a regular guy from Plano, Texas. He is a former marine and keeps himself in shape, but his appearance may not save him in the Big Brother game. During the night last night, the HOH (Head of Household) made some comments that upset people. In fact, there is plenty of uproar on social media calling Cody a racist and other choice names.

The comment being talked about from Cody Nickson has been transcribed by Big Brother Leak. It was in regards to the Ferguson riots and the night the decision was made, the Big Brother houseguest flew to Ferguson to see if he could “survive” the riots. To some, this may not seem like a big deal, but to others, they have called him out for being a racist.

The topic of conversation brought Cody to a place to make the comments and now, his social media is being looked at with a fine-toothed comb. Long-time viewers flashed back to Season 15 of Big Brother with Aaryn Gries and her comments. As of now, nothing else is being reported in regards to Nickson’s comments, but fans are anticipating more statements like this to come from his mouth.

With only two episodes of Big Brother 19 airing and all of the drama already playing out, this season is going to be intense. As of now, one houseguest has been sent home and replaced by a veteran, one houseguest self-evicted, and Cody Nickson is being highly scrutinized for his recent comments. Julie Chen promised a summer of temptation and the houseguests brought the drama.

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