‘Wonder Woman’ Just Became The Most Successful DCEU Film

There have been many reasons to fawn over Wonder Woman since it was released in cinemas at the beginning of June. But while it was immediately labeled the best installment to the DC Extended Universe upon its release by critics, it has now gone on to become the most financially successful film from the DCEU, too. Well, to clarify, it is the most successful DCEU film domestically.

On Friday, Wonder Woman surpassed $330.5 million at the U.S. box office. This moved it past the $330.3 million that Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice grossed back in 2016. While there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate Wonder Woman’s triumph, especially as it is a rare case of a superior film financially eclipsing its inferior, it should also be noted that since the DCEU is just four films old, there weren’t too many obstacles for it to eclipse in order to reach such a lofty position.

In fact, Wonder Woman actually surpassed the domestic total of the first installment to the DCEU a couple of weeks back, as Man Of Steel only took in $291 million domestically. Meanwhile, Suicide Squad took in the pretty impressive amount of $325.1 million when it was released last August, especially when you consider how poor its reviews were.

Wonder Woman just became the most successful ever installment to the DCEU

However, while Wonder Woman has now sauntered past its rivals from the DCEU at the domestic box office, it still has quite some way to go before it can match the U.S. hauls of the two most successful DC adaptations. That’s because The Dark Knight Rises ultimately concluded its run at the domestic box office with a haul of $448.1 million while The Dark Knight easily sits at the top of this list with $533.3 million.

But how is Wonder Woman shaping up against these films when it comes to worldwide totals? Over the last few days, it moved past Man Of Steel’s $668 million to move into fifth place, and it is currently on $670.1 million. Wonder Woman is easily expected to move past the $700 million mark and should rival Suicide Squad’s $745.6 million total.

However, it probably won’t quite get to Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’s $873.3 million, The Dark Knight’s $1.03 billion, or The Dark Knight Rises’ $1.084 billion grosses.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman just passed a box office milestone

But these are just minor quibbles. Because whatever amount Wonder Woman finishes on will still be regarded as a huge success for the DCEU.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros]