‘The Wrong Crush’: Lifetime Movie Stars Vivica A. Fox, Victoria Konefal, And Ricardo Hoyos

The Wrong Crush comes to Lifetime Television this Sunday, and it stars diva actress Vivica A. Fox. A Lifetime movie drama that is sure to thrill its fans, The Wrong Crush introduces viewers to a teen track star with a deadly past that finally catches up with her. Director David De Coteau directs from a script by Matthew Jason Walsh. The Wrong Crush stars Vivica A. Fox as Gwen, Ricardo Hoyos as Jake, Lesli Kay as Tracy, Victoria Konefal as Amelia, and Pedro Correa as Scott.

Lifetime’s The Wrong Crush explores what it’s like to make a mistake as a teen and attempt to change one’s life. Sometimes, it simply doesn’t work out, especially when the past comes back to haunt you. That’s the case for Amelia, an up and coming track star at her local high school.

She’s fast, she’s strong, and she is on her way to becoming the next athletic sensation, but Amelia has a secret. Before transferring to her new high school, she abused alcohol and drugs, which led to the death of her best friend. Since the tragedy, Amelia understands fully how her actions caused the death of someone else. Now, all she can do is live a better life and make better decisions to gain back her mother’s trust.


However, the tides turn when a new transfer student named Jake arrives on campus. Jake develops a crush on Amelia, which quickly turns into an unhealthy obsession. Now, she has a strange feeling that someone is watching her.

Amelia’s intuition is right, someone is watching her, and Jake’s arrival is not without motive. He seeks revenge and believes Amelia must pay for what she did to her best friend. Someone else is watching her, an older man who also desires to exact revenge against the teen athlete.

At first, Amelia thinks it’s all in her head, a simple paranoia, stemming from the past trauma. However, reality sets in when Amelia comes face-to-face with her past. Now, only her mother can save her from danger.

The role of Amelia is played convincingly by actress Victoria Konefal. This flick doesn’t appear to be based on a true story. However, old Lifetime movie fans will remember the case of a teen who killed her best friend in a car accident while driving drunk. The true-story movie, which was dramatized in The Accident: A Moment of Truth, is a cautionary tale about how one teen mistake can lead to a lifetime of hurts and regrets.

It isn’t clear from the movie previews, what Vivia A. Fox’s role is in the film. However, Fox has a few problems of her own. According to the latest report by BET. Vivica A. Fox’s former business partner, Jean-Claude LaMarre, is suing her for libel and slander. He also accuses the actress of stealing his strippers to use in her former TV reality show, Vivica’s Black Magic.

The Lifetime Television show was a favorite among the ladies, but it will not be renewed for a second season. There is no need to fret. Fans can see Vivica A. Fox in The Wrong Crush this Sunday, July 2, at 8/7 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Channel.

[Featured Image by Lifetime Television/Used With Permission]