‘I Am Jazz’ Explores Jazz Jennings’ Future, As The Transgender Star Quizzes Parents About Vaginas

As I Am Jazz moves forward, the upcoming episode will address questions the reality show’s star, transgender teen Jazz Jennings, has about her future. Jazz quizzes her parents about vaginas, asking embarrassing questions that compel the Jennings to address questions about sexuality in a frank and earnest manner.

I Am Jazz Star Jazz Jennings Prepares For Her Gender Confirmation Surgery

As Jazz Jennings previously shared, I Am Jazz has always been intended to explore her journey as both a teenager and a transgender individual, so it makes sense that Season 3 should allow her to explore the next phase in her journey. As Us Weekly reports, that next phase includes gender confirmation surgery and Jeannette, Ms. Jennings mom, is being as supportive in that endeavor as possible.

In the upcoming third episode of the season, Jeannette tells the transgender teen’s grandparents that she wants the surgery soon, before she finishes high school.

As a transitioning transgender, the I Am Jazz star sees a doctor for regular check-ups and the subject of gender confirmation surgery was brought up at Jazz’s most recent doctor’s visit. The teen’s physician suggested Jennings was a good candidate for the surgery, because her estrogen level has risen, while her testosterone levels have been decreasing.

While Jeanette was startled by Jazz’s eagerness to move forward with the procedure, the teen’s grandparents were very supportive. They suggested that Jazz is living an incomplete life at the moment and she would be happier as a post-operative trans female.

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Jazz Jennings Quizzes Her Parents About Jeanette’s Vagina

As People shares, the topic of gender confirmation surgery raised a number of questions for Jazz and she didn’t hesitate to bring them up to her parents, causing the Jennings to become flustered. It might not have helped that Jazz lacked the tact to ask her questions subtly, but instead directly interrogated her parents.

“Can we not be too graphic,” Greg Jennings asks, when Jeanette asks if he can see into her vaginal canal.

That wasn’t the response Jazz was hoping for in the upcoming episode of I Am Jazz. Instead of letting Greg sidestep the inquiry, she asks again.

“How much of mom’s vagina have you seen?” Jazz again asks. “Be honest.”

Still, Mr. Jennings is uncomfortable and he jokes that it’s time to check out, when they start discussing vaginas at the dinner table.

For Jazz, however, it’s a legitimate concern. She’s thinking about her future and wants to know how normal her own vagina will look to her sex partners. The I Am Jazz star says she wants to know if it will be ugly, compared to others, and will wonder if it matters that it won’t function in the same way as a natural woman’s vagina.

The Jennings patriarch finally admitted he didn’t have the answers for Jazz, suggesting that her doctor might be a better source of information. For his part, Greg Jennings told the I Am Jazz teen that she will want a functional vagina.

Jazz added that she also doesn’t want it to “look like a mess.”

The next episode of I Am Jazz airs on Thursday, July 6 on TLC.

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