Did Sheila Just Quit ‘Married At First Sight’ After On-Screen Argument With Producer?

Something huge just happened on the recently aired episode of Married at First Sight. Just a day after their first-month anniversary, Sheila Duhon and her husband Nate had a big fight. While the start of their argument was not filmed, its aftermath was so huge that Sheila was filmed telling her husband that she was “disgusted” by him, then walking away and arguing with the producer of the hit reality TV series. By the end of the couple’s segment, Sheila told the cameras that she was done, before storming off.

While it is quite easy to say that Sheila’s meltdown on camera was edited to make it seem far worse, there appears to be legitimate fallout from the incident that has managed to worry many viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV series. As could be seen on Twitter, Sheila’s official handle as a Married at First Sight star, @Sheila_MAFS, has been deleted, with the reality TV star now responding to the MAFS community through a personal account, @SheilaLDuhon. This, unsurprisingly, has begun fueling speculations that Sheila has actually left the show.

In a lot of ways, Sheila’s meltdown and the events leading up to it were downright bizarre, according to an In Touch Weekly report. Since the pair were last featured on the show, Sheila was under a significant amount of stress, especially when confronted once more by Nate’s overbearing mother, who seemed intent to deny her new daughter-in-law any form of affection or acceptance at all.

After the rather eventful visit to Nate’s mother, Sheila and Nate ended up in a rental house, where the pair was still their usual selves. The couple even had a pretty sweet moment together, with Nate getting “classy” drunk on wine. Things, however, began to go downhill from there.

According to a US Magazine report, Nate opened up to his wife about a time in his life when he was thinking of living in a garage. From what could be determined from Sheila’s reaction, Nate’s story did not sit well with her. Nate eventually defended himself, saying that he only thought about living in a garage to lower his expenses so he could pay off his credit card debt. This did not sit well with Sheila, either.

“Financially, you were hemorrhaging. You were trying to stop the bleeding.”

While the pair’s argument seemed like their usual verbal skirmishes, but the next segment featuring Sheila and Nate proved that the couple had not solved any of their issues overnight. It seemed things were already a lot worse.

Sheila was depicted getting out of a car, telling her husband she was disgusted with him, confronting the producer, and walking away. This incident was followed by her official MAFS Twitter handle getting deleted.

If there is anything that is evident in Married at First Sight, it is the fact that the episodes are edited in such a way that the drama among the couples is highlighted all the time. This was seen in Ashley and Anthony’s episode, which seemed to depict the former walking out on the latter to get to work. Both would later clarify that a walkout never took place.

Thus, there is a pretty good chance that Sheila and Nate’s argument, as well as its massive fallout, is being presented as something bigger than what it really is. The fact that Sheila’s MAFS Twitter handle was deleted could be part of the reality TV show’s plan of action all along. Of course, this is just speculation for now. Thus, it would be best to take everything with a generous helping of salt.

Nate and Sheila’s continued banter on Twitter seems to suggest that nothing has really changed for the couple. For now, however, fans of Married at First Sight can look forward to next week’s episode, where the issues presented this week will be addressed.

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