Mariah Carey Helps Mourn Manchester Terror Attack Victim At Funeral

Mariah Carey may be known for her somewhat diva ways, but the music icon took a moment out of her busy schedule to honor a long-time fan who perished during the Ariana Grande concert last month.

Although she did not attend the Manchester funeral for 29-year-old Martyn Hett, she did send him and his family a video message to play during one of the most difficult days of their lives.

Mariah Carey quoted one of her iconic songs, “One Sweet Day,” as she addressed Martyn, saying, “I know you’re shining down on us from heaven.”

Hett was a superfan of the British soap opera Coronation Street, and as a result, his funeral bore the theme of the TV show. Several cast members from the long running series gathered to pay their respects for the Manchester man who lost his life on that tragic night. It was also reported that his coffin had a Coronation Street theme.

His family stated that if he were there, he would have loved to see all of the fuss made about him and would have been overjoyed to have messages from Mariah Carey and the cast of his all-time favorite TV show.

Martyn Hett met Mariah Carey a few years ago, and there are pictures on social media of him wearing a Mariah Carey T-shirt. He told his friends and family that his life had peaked the moment he met the iconic crooner.

Martyn Hett was even pictured wearing a T-shirt of Mariah Carey dressed up as the Virgin Mary, and he dubbed the T-shirt “Messiah Carey.”

By all accounts, Hett was the life of the party and a larger-than-life character, and his family has stated that he would have loved the over-the-top funeral they put on for him.

Hett’s family also expressed their pride in him and the tragedy of losing someone so young.

In his eulogy, family members stated that Martyn was incredibly joyous and did more things in his short life than many have done in their long lives. They also said he was a paragon of positivity and that the world needs more people like him to make up for all of the negativity in the world.

Comedian Jason Manford said that when Martyn was killed, the world was robbed of an actual superstar.

[Featured Image by Dave Thompson/Stringer/Getty Images]