June 30, 2017
'Bachelorette' Star Chad Johnson Reveals Why He Sabotages Relationships And The Toll His Mom's Death Took

Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise star Chad Johnson finally opened up about why he thinks he sabotages his relationships with women and how big of a toll his mother's death took on him.

Chad Johnson is still trying to cope with his mother's death. The Bachelorette star lost his mother just six months before going on the show as a contestant. Chad was immediately one of the standout contestants on the season.

"Yeah and they turned me into the bad guy."

The Bachelor in Paradise star appeared in a sneak peek for an all-new episode of Famously Single with Dr. Darcy Sterling. Chad appeared to be in an unusually vulnerable state, discussing his personal issues with the therapist in front of the camera, E! News reported.

The Bachelorette "villain" opened up to Sterling about how his mother's death is seemingly affecting his romantic relationships with women.

"I come on these shows sometimes and people see me as this jerk who's defensive or who, you know, kind of is standoffish. I don't like letting new people in that easy because I don't want to lose someone again like that.

Johnson added that he knew that his mother was sick, but he felt like "a lot of people take too many chances of being too open too easily and I don't really do that."

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"Do you want to be in a relationship?" Dr. Darcy asked him.

The reality star admitted that he did actually want to be in a relationship, but he definitely recognizes that he self-sabotages in one way or another because he is "afraid of hurting them."

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Johnson also admitted in the preview clip for Famously Single that he had been afraid that he had "ruined his life" by appearing on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

Dr. Darcy Sterling explained to him that during his time there, they would be working on dating and relationship skills so he can learn to cope with his mother's death and find someone he will be happy with.

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Do you think Chad will find love on Famously Single?

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