June 30, 2017
Loyal Man Jumps In Crocodile-Infested Lake To Save Dogs, Faces Trespassing Fine After Losing Arm To Reptile

A loyal dog is such a cliche. But have you heard about human beings who are loyal to their dogs?

A man from Bengaluru, India, had his arm ripped off by a crocodile after diving into a lake to save his pets when they scampered off into the dangerous body of water infested with deadly crocodiles, the Mirror reported.

Mudit Dandwate, a 26-year-old tech CEO who co-founded the health startup Dozee, managed to survive a crocodile attack when he was bitten by a crocodile in a lake situated on the outskirts of the city. He was able to fend off the reptile after it clamped its jaws around his left forearm and began dragging him into the depths. But his forearm was torn off just below the elbow in the scuffle.

According to what the injured man told the doctors, he was visiting a temple in the Ramanagaram district and was walking there after getting out of his car along with a friend and his two dogs when the pets suddenly ran into the lake.

In his hurry to get the dogs out of the water, the young entrepreneur, who works in Bengaluru, did not see any signs warning against crocodiles and jumped in. He was not spared for long as a crocodile soon attacked him.

However, his dogs came out miraculously unharmed.


Four forest officials patrolling the area heard his cries for help and managed to rescue him from the deadly jaws, but he was horribly mangled. They rushed him to a local hospital first and then to the Hosmat Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for his horrific injuries and will be outfitted with a prosthetic.

The Thattekere Lake is in a forested area, and authorities claimed that there were signs at the lake warning of the dangerous reptiles.

Consequently, while no complaint had been made against him by anyone, the officials registered a case on their own, as Mr. Dandwate entered a restricted forest area without permission. As a result, he was in breach of essential rules and has been fined for trespassing, which adds more insult to his injuries.


"Since the crocodile may have eaten that part there was no possibility of reattachment," the Medical Director of Hosmat Hospital, Dr. Ajith Benedict Rayan, said. "The patient is in the operating theater where further cleaning of the wound, known as debridement, is being done."

Dr. Thomas Chandy, the orthopedics chief at Hosmat Hospital where Mudit was treated, said, "Mudit has been shifted to the Intensive Care Unit."

He added, "Crocodile jaws are very strong and their bites are poisonous hence the arm has suffered much impairment. Damaged tissue has been removed from the wound to prevent infection."

According to him, this procedure of removing damaged tissues will be performed again next week, after which an artificial limb will be attached.

Currently, Mudit's condition is stable, and he is out of the intensive care unit.

[Featured Image by TexJames Photography/Shutterstock]