At 52, Brooke Shields Shows That Time Has Stood Still, Looking Gorgeous, Modeling Calvin Klein Undies

Brooke Shields was only 15-years-old when, in 1980, she infamously said “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” The long, lanky model launched the new decade of provocative advertising, and of course, jeans as high fashion.

The Daily Mail has reported that in the most recent issue of Social Life magazine, 52-year-old Brooke Shields was reunited with her Calvins, wowing readers with her fabulously toned, six-foot figure. She wore the iconic Calvin Klein white bra and panty set that changed what women wore under their garments.

Shields, whose young career took off 40 years ago, was one of the first celebrities to have a momager, Teri Shields. The model-turned-actress had started her career modeling as a baby, for Ivory Soap, but had a hiatus, taking years of dance and music classes to prepare her for a possible life as a model and actress. As a pre-teen, she re-emerged as a model, something she has now spoken out against.

The child star was in two controversial movies, Pretty Baby, when she was 12, playing a young prostitute and at 14, in The Blue Lagoon, when she frolicked around nearly naked. The latter earned an X-rating, which was lowered to a R, when the board was assured that a body double stood in for the many love scenes. Her iconic Calvin Klein photo shoot was after this notoriety, and again she was just 15.

The Suddenly Susan actress recently balked at the current modeling trend of using very young, not yet matured, girls.

“We shouldn’t just see 15-year-old bodies. I don’t want a 15-year-old body. I don’t want to look like a little boy.”

Then later, she proudly reflected on her own mature body, that she has honed with exercise and taking good care of herself. Many folks think she looks amazing at 52.

The actress is quite proud of her accomplishment.

“I have curves, and I’ve worked on my strength.”

The Princeton graduate is not interested in either of her own two daughters, Rowan and Grier, pursuing a career in modeling until after they have finished college. This is quite contrary to models with children, like Cindy Crawford, whose daughter, Kaia, and son, Presley, have both been modeling on the runway and in print.

“It’s a cutthroat and demoralizing business. Plus, they want you when they want you, and you have to be there for auditions and work, and my kids aren’t missing school.”

Clearly, she values an education above the celebrity, and she also understands how the business of modeling can really affect an impressionable teen’s body image. Five years ago, she reveled to Health that her biggest health regret was “Not learning to love the way I looked earlier.” This is quite shocking, as Shields had the most enviable figure, yet the modeling world can make anyone feel inadequate.

The modeling world is unforgiving too. Before she was famous, Shields posed naked at the age of 10, and seven years later, asked for the photos to be destroyed by the photographer, Garry Gross. Gross was hired by the prestigious Ford Modeling. According to the New York Times, Teri had signed the contract for $450. In a 4-3 decision, the court decided that the photographer could continue to sell the photos, but he was not to sell to pornographic sites.

Yet, instead of melting down, like so many young stars, Brooke Shields proved that she had a level head and kept moving forward. Despite her mother unwisely spending the money that Brooke earned, she has never been bitter about some of the choices that her mother made. She just won’t be making the same choices for her own daughters.

Fans of Brooke Shields want to see her in a starring role again. She had previously starred in the ’90s sitcom, Suddenly Susan, and more recently, in Lipstick Jungle. What she may be best known for is her really great comedic supporting roles. She has had memorable bit parts as Jackie’s mother, on That 70s Show, as mullet-wearing Rita Glossner in The Middle, and who cannot forget her cameo as Joey’s stalker on Friends? Not one to slow down, she is currently playing Abby Knight, in the Hallmark Channel’s Flower Shop Mystery series.

Her modeling career seems to be jumpstarted again. It sounds like Brooke Shields will soon be working again with Calvin Klein again. What else could be next?

Did you buy Calvin Klein jeans because of Brooke Sheilds?

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