'Dragon Ball Super:' New Poster, Trailer Emerges, Teases Goku's New Form?

Today is a great day to be a Dragon Ball Super fan. Apart from a new, updated trailer featuring Freeza being released, Toei Animation also revealed the newest promotional poster for the Tournament of Power. Quite unlike the usual promotional images for the Universe Survival Arc that featured the entire U7 team, the new poster exclusively featured Son Goku, battle-worn and possibly on the verge of breaking his limits. Needless to say, the DBS community has practically been aflame.

The trailer, which could be viewed below, finally updated the lineup for the Universe 7 representative fighters. Over the past few months, the anime has pulled a classic switch regarding one of U7's selected fighters, with the villain Freeza replacing Majin Buu as the final member of the Universe 7 team. With this new trailer, Dragon Ball Super has put an end to any doubt that Freeza would not really be the fighting for Universe 7. The villain is here to stay, and he really would play a part in the Tournament of Power.

The recently revealed poster for the Universe Survival Arc has triggered countless discussions among avid Dragon Ball Super fans in online forums such as Reddit, with many expressing their excitement at what the promotional image appears to suggest. While the new poster is quite simple, depicting a battle-worn Goku, the details of the picture appear to tease some exciting developments that are set to happen once the Tournament of Power gets underway.

The new promotional image depicts Goku standing with his back to viewers. Immediately, it could be determined that the Saiyan has been through a long and arduous battle, which is confirmed by the numerous bruises on his body and the fact that his shirt has been ripped. Numerous Dragon Ball Super fans have pointed this out, stating that every time Goku gets his shirt ripped in battle, something epic usually follows.

Another important detail in the new promotional poster is the fact that Goku is surrounded by a flaming aura. The energy, which is strangely similar to the aura that the Saiyan emanated when he battled Beerus, has not been explained in the new poster. His hair, which, interestingly, is black like his base form but drawn in the traditional Super Saiyan style, has also caught the eye of numerous Dragon Ball Super fans as well.

Noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship has provided a translation of the words featured on the new poster. According to the DBS community's resident authority in Dragon Ball Super translations, the words in the image could roughly be translated as "The technique of the gods ends/is perfected here." This, of course, has triggered even more speculation among fans that Goku might definitely achieve yet another formidable transformation in the Tournament of Power.

Rumors of Goku reaching new heights have been around since Dragon Ball Super debuted its new opening theme. In one particularly interesting sequence in the anime's new OP, Goku was depicted to be showered with dark red energy before passing through it, changing back to his base form and fighting once more with Universe 11's Jiren. The sequence in itself is incredibly compelling, especially since Goku appears to change back to his base form after passing through the crimson energy.

Over the past few months, the DBS community has dubbed Goku's transformation in the opening sequence as Limit Breaker Goku, as it seemed to suggest that the Saiyan would need to exceed his limitations in order to overcome Universe 11's champion. If any, the new promotional poster all but confirms that Goku would indeed break his limits in the Tournament of Power. This, of course, translates to the biggest news that has dropped about the Universe Survival Arc to date.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 will air in Japan this Sunday. The episode would be available for streaming in the United States through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]