Jennifer Lopez Hints On Instagram That She’s Creating Blended Family With A-Rod: Will Wedding Bells Ring?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez have been putting their romantic relationship on the fast track, sparking rumors that he’ll soon propose. Now Jennifer has turned to Instagram to flaunt photos of her kids and Alex’s family spending time together and bonding. As a result, there’s even more speculation that wedding bells will soon be ringing for Lopez and Rodriguez as they reportedly focus on creating a blended family.

J.Lo has become known for diving into relationships, and now there are signs that she’s doing it again as far as Alex is concerned because it appears that she’s taking her kids with her. Divorced three times previously, Jennifer shared a series of Instagram photos that made it clear that Alex is “hands on” with her children, Max and Emme, pointed out Yahoo.

Rodriguez and Lopez just began their romantic relationship in March. But even though they’ve only chalked up a few months worth of dates on the relationship blackboard, the couple has offered clues that they are at work blending their families to prepare them for a future together.

The social media photos that Jennifer shared called attention to the way that she’s been introducing the new main man in her life to her 9-year-old twins (their father is Marc Anthony). Although J.Lo teased “#aboutlastweekend” in the caption, Yahoo noted that the photos provided an invitation to “see A-Rod play daddy to my kids.”

Fans who accepted Jennifer’s invitation to “SWIPE FOR MORE PICS ” were charmed by the images.

“@jlo these are precious. Happiness all the way!” gushed one follower.

One wished her “hugs and kudos to your family” but questioned how often the celebrity mom of two has the opportunity to spend time with her twins.

“Jlo quick question, being that you’re a celebrity and all,” began the fan.

“How often do you get to be just mommy to your kiddos? With life being chaotic and all, just curious to know how it all works out in the life of a celebrity.”

No answer from Lopez on that concern, but the photo of A-Rod showed that he seems to be helping out when it comes to the fun side of parenting. And it’s not one-sided.

Jennifer Lopez has introduced her daughter Emme and son Max to her new boyfriend A-Rod.

Jennifer reportedly has devoted “lots of time” to getting better acquainted with Alex’s daughters, who include 12-year-old Natasha (Tashi) and 9-year-old Ella from his marriage to Cynthia Scurtis, according to Yahoo.

Lopez offered evidence of that blossoming friendship among her children and Rodriguez’s daughters on Instagram as well.

“Me and my three favorite girls #Emme#Ella #Tashi,” wrote Lopez.

When it comes to blending and bonding kids from two families, Jennifer and Alex have been fortunate in staying on good terms with their respective ex-spouses. Rodriguez’s former wife Cynthia even makes appearances on his Instagram occasionally (their marriage lasted from 2002 to 2008).

And just like A-Rod and his ex, Lopez and her former husband Marc Anthony stay famously close. Jennifer and Marc continue to work together, with an occasional friendly kiss. That makes it easy to arrange occasions when Lopez’s and Rodriguez’s kids can come together and firm up their friendships.

Amid all these signs that Jennifer and Alex are thinking about a future together that includes their children, a source quoted by Yahoo shared Lopez’s reported wishes for her romance.

“J.Lo and A-Rod are getting very serious and talking marriage. J.Lo wants a future with A-Rod.”

Rodriguez recently offered up a glimpse of what it’s like to date Jennifer. While he’s earned his own quota of fame as the former Bronx Bomber, A-Rod recently confessed to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show that dating a woman revered as an actress, singer, and dancer puts his own fame into perspective, noted Vanity Fair.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been blending their families, and it helps that she's on good terms with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

“This is one of the most humbling experiences of my life,” he said about dating Lopez. “When I was on the Yankees and we won the world championship you wear the pinstripes and you think you’re pretty cool.”

Now, however, he has a different idea of what fame means, even getting confused for a security guard, admitted Rodriguez.

“But then you hang out with Jennifer and they confuse me for the security guard all the time.”

Lopez and A-Rod have traveled together from Los Angeles to Europe, making him humbly aware of her level of fame around the world. He even revealed that when the two stepped out on the Met Gala red carpet, photographers requested that he exit the scene so that they could photograph J.Lo solo. Ouch.

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