Ed Asner Strikes Again: ‘Sean Hannity Is Behind On His Rabies Shots’ [Video]

Actor Ed Asner thinks that Fox News host Sean Hannity ought to go to a vet to get his rabies shots up to date.

The Emmy Award-winning actor made huge headlines recently after doing voice-over work for an “educational” (also being criticized as “propaganda”) economics film produced by the California Federation of Teachers that includes a scene featuring a member of the selfish super rich urinating on the poor. Asner is a very left-wing guy, so this kind of thing isn’t really out of the box for him.

Still, he was roundly criticized for the film among Conservatives, culminating in an eccentric interview with a Fox News reporter in which he offered curmudgeon response to his involvement in the film. “Can I p*** on you?” he asked the reporter.

Asner is back at it, recently taking aim at Fox News conservative pundit Sean Hannity during an interview with liberal news network Current TV. In the interview, Asner remarked that Hannity is “behind on his rabies shots” and that he was proud to be portrayed as a “Hollywood liberal.”

“These are the lowest [tax] rates as I know it for the rich since God immemorial,” Asner said of the controversial film. “They were higher under Eisenhower, they were higher with Clinton, so these are very low rates that the rich are now objecting to.”

What do you think of Asner’s opinion of Fox News host Sean Hannity? Here’s video of Asner’s interview with Current TV, via The Raw Story: