June 30, 2017
Rihanna Being Sued By The Wife Of Her Former Bodyguard

Superstar Rihanna is reportedly being sued by the wife of her former bodyguard Geoff Keating. Dana Kavanagh is suing the Barbadian songstress for financial losses that her husband supposedly sustained when he was fired from his job. 38-year-old Geoff Keating was the former chief minder of the multi-millionaire singer. Among other things, he was responsible for heading Rihanna's security team during her Diamonds World Tour in 2013.

Dana Kavanagh has filed the complaint at the Dublin High Court and has reportedly cited damages and loss of earnings as her reason for suing Rihanna, the Irish Mirror reports. The case, which is titled "Kavanagh Vs Fenty, aka Rihanna Robyn Fenty" (the singer's real name), will reportedly be mentioned on Monday. Rih's former body guard Geoff Keating spoke about the case, trying to justify the reason behind his wife suing his former boss.

"You wouldn't believe half of it, unless I showed you. It's crazy stuff. She was like part of the family."
Rihanna hasn't issued a comment regarding the matter at the moment. The Barbadian singer will be represented by her legal firm Matheson, and she is not expected to appear during the court hearing in Dublin.
Dana Kavanagh and Geoff Keating have four children together. This isn't the first time the couple have sued Rihanna. It was Geoff who sued his former boss almost three years ago, filing a defamation case against Rih, claiming that he had been defamed by a number of false statements contained within the emails sent to him and his wife by the superstar. Although the case was dropped in 2015, Keating has held that the allegations made in these emails brought great damage to the reputation of him, his business, and his family.

Rihanna body guard lawsuit
This isn't the first time Geoff Keating & Dana Kavanagh have sought legal action against the songstress. [Image by Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock]

Geoff Keating was working with Rihanna during her Diamonds World Tour in 2013 when, he claims, he was unjustly dismissed from his job and sent home from Germany. Following the dismissal, Rihanna allegedly sent the email to him and his wife. Keating claims that the songstress even got in contact with a number of his other relatives. All and all, he claims that the matter caused him great distress and anxiety. He sued the singer for defamation, but the case was dismissed in 2015.

Rihanna being sued by the wife of her former bodyguard
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