Major Update Regarding Future Of Cesaro/Sheamus, Plans Revealed For ‘Raw’ Tag Team Title Reign

Cesaro and Sheamus have been a tag team since last September. Over the past 10 months, they have gelled into one of the best in the company. Historically, they’ll be remembered as the tag team that ended The New Day’s title reign of 483 days. Even more recently, the duo won the Raw Tag Team titles for the second time after recapturing them from The Hardy Boyz at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

It’s also important to note that Cesaro and Sheamus were a strong babyface team, and now they are on top of the tag team division as top heels. That is a testament to the talent both men possess, but their time as the Raw Tag Team champions could be coming to an end much sooner than the fans were expecting. Sheamus is scheduled to take some time off in August, which has created a lot of questions regarding the duo’s future.

A guest appearance by Josh Duhamel during this week’s edition of Raw revealed the Celtic Warrior will be filming a movie, which will require him to take some time off. On paper, the WWE Universe is expecting the current Raw Tag Team champions to drop the titles over the next couple of weeks before Sheamus leaves to film the movie. Unfortunately, that could also mean the end of the Cesaro and Sheamus tag team for good.

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The Hardy Boyz are the current favorites to reclaim the Raw Tag Team titles over the next few weeks since the two teams are still feuding. The title change could happen at WWE Great Balls of Fire or during a future episode of Monday Night Raw. Either way, Cesaro and Sheamus will lose the championships and the latter will be absent for six weeks. On paper, where does that leave the Swiss Superman for the next two months?

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The WWE Universe has been behind the idea of Cesaro being elevated to the main event for quite some time now. There is no question that the Swiss Superman could handle that kind of push. Cesaro’s heel turn does create some questions because WWE officials could use the absence of Sheamus to turn him babyface again.

WWE officials will find something for Cesaro to do while Sheamus is filming his movie, but the real question is if the powers that be want for the two WWE Superstars to split or stay together when the latter returns in six weeks. The first issue on the table is how to deal with Cesaro and Sheamus’ title reign. Afterward, there is a lot of potential for WWE officials to bring Cesaro and Sheamus into the next chapter of their careers.

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