Sally Kohn Gets Plenty Of Hate On Twitter After CNN Appearance

Sally Kohn is one name that might not sound familiar to people, but Sally sure made Twitter come alive on Thursday, January 29. The attached photo shows Kohn and Ben Shapiro in 2016, when Sally and Ben spoke onstage at Politicon, held at the Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday, June 26, 2016, in Pasadena. However, it would be Sally’s CNN appearance almost one year to the day that caused plenty of tweets to flow into the social media platform. And many of those tweets about Sally are not nice.

During her CNN appearance, Sally was called a “transwoman” and CNN called a fake news organization by some Twitter users. However, Sally herself wrote that she was biologically born a female, according to Time.

“I am a biological female who identifies as a woman. I am not, for any intents or purposes, transgender.”

Other Twitter users criticized Sally’s “tics and eye rolling” and spoke of changing the channel whenever Kohn appeared. But not all Twitter users wrote about hating Sally’s politics. At least one Twitter user agreed with Kohn’s assertions that she felt sad for the U.S.

“I agree with @sallykohn: I’m sad for my country today, too.”

Yet, it wasn’t all love when it came to Kohn’s viewers. Sally was called ignorant, and her looks were criticized by some viewers who continued to call her mean names on Twitter, along with writing hateful words about their perceived view of Kohn’s lack of femininity.

Sally Kohn Defended Her Assertions On Twitter

Sally Kohn
Sally Kohn [Image by /Getty Images]

Sally defended herself on Twitter. As seen in the above tweet from Kohn’s Twitter account, Sally posted the New York Times article that went viral, listing what the publication called the definitive list of President Donald Trump’s lies. However, the criticisms continued to roll into social media, with folks tagging Kohn in their tweets and calling Sally a “leftist” who constantly defends Islam.

Kohn was also called a woman who constantly bashes Trump and Trump supporters, and Sally’s name continues to be a popular one on Twitter. Amid all the people trolling and sending hate Sally’s way, Kohn does have her defenders in the mix.

[Featured Image by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP Images]