June 29, 2017
Ryan Edwards Driving Scandal: MTV Crew Member Clarifies Why They Allowed Him To Drove Intoxicated

Ever since the Teen Mom OG finale on Monday night, fans have been in shock over the scene in which Ryan Edwards drove his wife-to-be, Mackenzie Standifer, to their wedding while visibly intoxicated. His behavior earlier in the day warranted concern when he was unable to keep his eyes open and slurred his words when talking to her about getting a haircut before their quickie wedding.

Ryan Edwards then got into his car and drove the pair to the wedding, where he was so high he had trouble keeping his eyes open and focused on the road. At one point, Mackenzie grabbed the steering wheel to keep them from swerving.

MTV issued a brief statement, saying that they didn't condone Ryan Edwards driving under the influence, and do not condone the behavior in general. However, the network faced a lot of heat for evening allowing him to get behind the wheel in the first place.

An anonymous crew member spoke to The Ashley and gave their side of the story of why Ryan Edwards was not stopped from getting in the car.

According to the anonymous crew member, they cannot hear or see what is happening inside of the car and can only see the footage after the fact.

The source got specific with The Ashley about the terrifying scene with Ryan Edwards.
"Even if the crew was following Ryan while driving, they weren't in the car with him and could not see what was happening. Had he been violently swerving or something, they absolutely would have called to see what was happening and would have intervened. In that situation, though, the only person aware of what was happening would be a passenger in the car."
The source clarified that if they had known that Ryan Edwards was under the influence and allowed him to drive, they would have immediately faced termination of their employment. However, it is clear that Ryan's behavior earlier in the day was still a little bit concerning, so one does have to wonder why they did not step in.

According to the source, they have had to step in several times in the past when they thought a cast member was about to put him or herself in a dangerous situation, and many times those scenes did not make it to air. The Ashley believes that scenes involving Leah Messer taking prescription pills may have been what the crew is referring to.

MTV has also faced scrutiny in the past for allowing Amber Portwood to beat Gary Shirley in a 2010 incident that involved her choking him and throwing a TV at him. Although she later served 24 hours in jail for the incident, the crew also failed to stop it from occurring.

[Featured Image by Jen Edwards/Instagram]