June 29, 2017
Jenna Jameson Breastfeeds Daughter On Instagram To 'Normalize Breastfeeding'

Jenna Jameson breastfed her daughter in bed on Instagram. The former porn star said that she intends to "normalize breastfeeding" with her candid photos.

Wanting to make breastfeeding less of a spectacle

Jenna Jameson wants to "normalize breastfeeding" by sharing photos of her and her two-month-old daughter, Batel.

In the most recent photo, Jameson can be seen lying in bed with her baby, Daily News reported.

Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a ponytail on the top of her head. The tired-looking mom rested one hand on her forehead, showing off her sleeve of arm tattoos.

The photo that had been uploaded before showed the mother and daughter in the same position, but Batel was sleeping.

This is not the first photo that the former adult film star has posted of her breastfeeding her newborn. Jenna has also Instagrammed photos of her pumping breast milk.

Jameson's daughter, Batel, was born on April 6. Just days later, the new mom shared photos of her breastfeeding with the same hashtag of #normalizebreastfeeding.

"Nothing but the best for my princess."

Enjoying being a new mom

She also went on to share another photo of herself expressing milk while sitting up in bed with Batel resting on her lap.

The sober mother has said that she is tired but also "proud, elated, excited, peaceful and content."


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In addition to her newborn baby girl, whom Jenna Jameson shares with fiancee Lior Bitton, she is also a mom to eight-year-old twin boys, Journey and Jesse, who she had with her ex, Tito Ortiz.

Sit down, Playboy

The mother-of-three seems to be more comfortable speaking out against issues when she doesn't agree with them.

The former adult film star recently bashed Playboy, saying she was "calling out the liberals behind the bunny" at Playboy magazine after it was revealed that Playboy was the only publication in the White House briefing room on Tuesday to defend CNN amid its fake news scandal.

Jenna Jameson told Breitbart that she was "surprised" that Playboy magazine was even "allowed in the White House."

"Since they thought it was a good idea to remove the nudity from their failing publication, I have to say they lost credibility."

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"The fact that they think people actually DO read Playboy for the articles shows they took their finger off the pulse of what people will spend their hard earned money on, a long time ago."
Jenna, who used to be one of the world's most famous porn stars, added that she thinks that this was another "failed attempt" for the liberals at Playboy to "drum up a bit of publicity in hopes to make us all care again."
"Have a seat, Playboy."
My my my, how my life has changed #momlife #exclusivelybreastfed

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