June 29, 2017
Unique Angle Coming For Bray Wyatt That Could Finally Reveal Sister Abigail Character

One of the greatest aspects of Bray Wyatt's character is the mystique created by his backstory. He was raised by Sister Abigail who influenced his philosophies and showed him the supernatural powers that he has used on WWE television for many years. There is a lot of mystery regarding his childhood with Sister Abigail, but actually showing the character would really be difficult to do since it would destroy a lot of Wyatt's mystique.

However, the WWE Universe has always believed that turning Sister Abigail into a person and bringing her into the ring would destroy Wyatt's mystique, but the possibility of flashbacks haven't been discussed. It has been reported that WWE officials have plans for some interesting segments featuring a young Bray Wyatt. A rumor is going around that new footage has already been filmed to give the fans a glimpse into Wyatt's past.

Flashbacks to show more about where Bray Wyatt came from and a possible appearance from Sister Abigail herself is extremely interesting. Former WWE writer Kevin Eck recently discussed the possibility of WWE officials bringing the Sister Abigail character to life and revealed the following about Bray Wyatt's backstory.

WWE Casting Actor To Play Young Bray Wyatt
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"Bray Wyatt was apparently a young man and Sister Abigail was an old, black woman, in I believe, the swamps of Louisiana who had some supernatural powers, and you know, the history of voodoo and such in New Orleans. I believe she took him under her wing and kind of taught him the secrets of what she knows of the dark arts and things like that."
Over the last year, WWE officials have featured "The Wyatt Family Compound" and relics of Wyatt's past. A glimpse into his childhood to show the WWE Universe a lot more about the character could be a great idea if the powers that be keep it more grounded than an idea like the "House of Horrors" match turned out to be.

Bray Wyatt Lost the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 33 to Randy Orton
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Many years ago, Mick Foley did a number of sit-down interviews with Jim Ross to explain his character and add depth to what he was doing in the ring. That led to an organic babyface turn for him at the time, but it's also remembered for Foley's great promo work. If WWE officials are planning something similar with Bray Wyatt to show his childhood, the WWE Universe could find themselves favoring The Eater of Worlds more.

It's unclear how WWE officials are intending to use the footage of Bray Wyatt's childhood. There is no doubt that they could be some of the most interesting segments of Wyatt's career, which could add a lot to a rivalry like the one Bray is currently in with Seth Rollins. Bray Wyatt's mystique is one of his greatest strengths and WWE officials know that, so they're not going to do anything to ruin the character on WWE programming.

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