June 29, 2017
U2 Bassist Adam Clayton Thanks Bandmates Bono, The Edge, And Larry Mullen For Helping Him Battle Alcoholism

U2 bassist Adam Clayton was honored at MusiCares Tuesday night and, as he accepted the award, he couldn't help but to share one of the hardest periods in his life, because the rest of U2 were there to get him through it. Clayton, of course, was talking about his struggle with alcoholism in the late 90s, something he couldn't have overcome without the support of Bono, The Edge, and Larry Mullen.

U2 Might Have Lost Adam Clayton To His Demons

Adam Clayton proves the old adage about needy friends, as he shares how vital his own friends and fellow U2 musicians were in helping him battle alcohol addiction, according to Daily Mail. In accepting his MusiCares award, Clayton acknowledges the group of artists for not only seeing what he was going through, but also for being willing to carry him through the rough patches.

Adam acknowledges that any other band might have ditched someone they viewed as a rotten apple, but, in the case of U2, Bono, The Edge, and Larry Mullen were all willing to pick up the slack. The U2 bassist reveals that the group even had made a pact to be there for one another, through whatever hardships might come.

Adam Clayton, U2
Adam Clayton says he couldn't have fought his alcohol addiction without his U2 bandmates. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Adam Clayton Thanks Bono, The Edge, and Larry Mullen For Their Friendship

As The Fix reports, Mr. Clayton still feels humbled to be accepted by such devoted friends as those he has come to know through his membership in U2. Giving an emotional speech at the MusiCares award ceremony, Adam thanked Bono, The Edge, and Larry Mullen for their enduring friendship, adding that he still feels honored to be a part of their lives and a part of the band.

His U2 bandmates weren't the only ones to reach out to Clayton in his time of need. Adam also revealed that classic rock legend Eric Clapton, who is also a recovering addict, urged him to get help.

While in rehab, the U2 bassist joined up with The Who's Pete Townsend and the two artists helped each other confront their demons and get sober.

Adam Clayton, Pete Townsend
Adam Clayton and Pete Townsend went through rehab together. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Today, Adam Clayton lives a clean and happy life, embracing the joys of life in everything he does.

"I'm not used to achieving anything on my own," said Mr. Clayton. "I'm an alcoholic, addict, but in some ways that devastating disease is what drove me towards this wonderful life I now have."

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]