June 29, 2017
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Make 'Mean Girls 2' With Emma Stone — Invites Celebs To Her Birthday Party

Lindsay Lohan has been very active on Twitter recently. The redheaded actress has kept herself busy by creating her own private content on Preemium, which features breaking news, video updates, and other stuff exclusively for subscribers — a la Kardashian. She's also taken to Twitter to talk to those who can't/won't pay a subscription for her content.

On Twitter, she's done a few random things, like submit her Teen Choice vote for Choice TV Personality — go Tyra Banks! — as well as invite the girls over to Mykonos for her birthday, which is coming up this weekend. She decided that everyone from Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to Beyoncé should attend this magnificent occasion. She even hashtagged it with #NiceGirls, so we know she really wants them to come.

The The Parent Trap star will be turning 31 on July 2, and it seems like she wants this birthday to be the most memorable yet. She invited her old squad to Mykonos, where she has been spending a lot of her time since she was first seen with rumored boyfriend, restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiou. If her guests were to make it all the way to Greece, it for sure would be a night to remember.

But the attendance of the nice girls is probably not something Lohan should be counting on, considering Beyoncé just gave birth to twin girls, and she really hasn't spoken to any of them in years... that we know of, anyway.

Her party invitation wasn't Lindsay's last tweet, though. She also decided to hit up Emma Stone with a now-deleted Instagram photo highlighting how similar the looks of the two redheads have been throughout the years, inviting her to co-star with her in a new installment of Mean Girls, Mean Girls 2.

Suddenly, all of Lindsay's followers began expressing their love for her idea. The two actresses together would make a great comedy film.

It is unknown if the Mean Girls sequel is in the works at this time, or even if Lohan or Stone would be involved in the project at all, but it would sure be fun to watch. Stay tuned to see if it's something that Tina Fey and the rest of the original gang are up to.

[Featured Image by Chance Yeh/Getty Images]