June 28, 2017
Rihanna's New Man: Did Hassan Jameel Cause RiRi-Naomi Campbell Feud? Model Reacts To #RihannaHasAManParty

Rihanna's new man has suddenly become the most searched topic online as new reports claim that the mystery man is the reason why she and buddy Naomi Campbell are now at odds.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Naomi is "furious" after learning about the singer's new man who was later identified as Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. Interestingly, Jameel, who was dubbed by the Internet as the "man-in-pool" after stolen photos of him and RiRi making out while swimming emerged, was also identified as Naomi's ex.

Could this be the reason why Naomi unfollowed the "Diamonds" singer on Instagram? Possibly.

In fact, a source told the outlet that 47-year-old model and actress did not take the news about Rihanna's new man being her ex very well.

"Naomi has known about Rihanna dating Jameel for a while and she is furious about them being together," the source revealed.

On top of that, the insider cited by the outlet also explained the reason why the British actress felt that way despite being friends with Rihanna.

"On a superficial level, Naomi feels she's hotter and more successful than Rihanna, so it's frustrating to see the photos circulating online."
Rihanna's new man first became the hot topic online after photos of the two while making out in a pool in Ibiza, Spain surfaced and launched the Twitter topic #RihannaHasAManParty, per Vogue.

While the images were a bit pixelated, RiRi and Jameel were still identifiable. Some social media users even noted how Rihanna's taste hasn't changed since dating Drake.

Some even shared some witty memes and posts to express exactly how they felt about the Rihanna's new beau.
Of course, Naomi also has something to say about the relationship but it may not be as good as the social media posts from her fans.

Based on the report, the model and Rihanna's new man were together sometime in 2016, right about the time of the British Summer Time Festival. Because of her history with Jameel, Naomi is pretty sure they will not last long.

"Given their poor dating histories, Naomi doubts they will last very long as a couple," Hollywood Life's source stated.

Apparently, Jameel can be a bit flirty to the point of jumping from one woman to another in a matter of weeks, per the source's claims on what Naomi knows.

Meanwhile, RiRi's dating history hasn't been concealed much so the public should already have a good idea of what went on with her exes including Chris Brown and Drake.

Do you think Rihanna's new man was the cause of the singer's feud with Naomi Campbell? Sound off below.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for FENTY PUMA]