This Classic ‘Star Wars’ Villain May Have A Big Role In The New Han Solo Movie

Jabba The Hutt, the iconic corpulent worm of a crime lord of Tatooine, could be set for a major appearance in the currently-untitled Han Solo Star Wars anthology film. The film’s original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller planned to include the iconic villain as one of the film’s biggest elements, although that plan going through could be currently unsure with them getting axed from the project.

Miller and Lord were reportedly planning to feature the Hutt, whose real name is Jabba Desilijic Tiure, in their film and he was set to be a very important part of the story according to the report by The Hashtag Show. The report, which was also shared by Cinemablend, suggests that Jabba’s appearance for the film will be done with a mixture of animatronics and CGI.

At least, that was the original plan from the film’s original directors. Now that Miller and Lord were fired after only a limited work done on the film, it is uncertain if their plan to include Jabba will still follow through now that Ron Howard has taken over in helming the movie.

The pair were fired reportedly after creative differences with the film’s producer and LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy reached a boiling point, according to Variety. Aside from Kennedy, Lord and Miller also apparently fought with others from LucasFilm as well as longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and their exit comes after months of work with the release date set to come after only under a year.

Han Solo movie former directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord
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Specifics of the supposed creative differences suggest that Lord and Miller’s touches of comedy were reportedly becoming too much and overshadowing the film’s other qualities. The comedic tones were reportedly getting to the point that the film was becoming more of an Ace Ventura installment instead of a movie focusing on Han Solo according to sources for Star Wars News Net.

Despite the directors changing, sources assure that Jabba will not be taken out of the movie due to his supposed importance to the story. When he first showed up back in the original Star Wars film A New Hope, originally mentioned by Greedo in a confrontation with Han before personally showing up in later cuts, it was established that the crime lord and smuggler already had an extensive past relationship.

Not only is Jabba the Hutt one of the Star Wars series’ most iconic characters, he is also a very important player in molding the Han Solo everyone knows and loves. His possible exclusion from the Han Solo movie could be disappointing to fans of the smuggler, but only time will tell until the film releases on May 25, 2018.

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