June 28, 2017
'Teen Mom OG': Is Ryan Doing Hard Drugs? Some Fans Think So

Teen Mom OG took a scary turn on Monday night when Maci Bookout's ex, Ryan Edwards, was seen driving under the influence. Although MTV provided a warning for audience members that the scene might be difficult to watch, many fans were astounded that the production crew allowed Ryan to continue driving while so visibly intoxicated.

The reality star was driving to his quickie wedding with Mackenzie Standifer when he was unable to keep his eyes open, and at one point, his wife had to take control of the steering wheel in addition to repeatedly punching his arm to keep him awake.

According to Ryan's ex, Dalis Connell, who has appeared on Teen Mom OG, he has been addicted to prescription painkillers in the past. Although he attended rehab in 2012, Dalis maintains that he relapsed almost immediately.

During the scary scene in Teen Mom OG, Ryan's wife, Mackenzie, asks him if he had taken a Xanax. He denies that he has.

However, some Teen Mom OG fans are fearing that Ryan is taking even harder drugs. One commented that his behavior is very consistent with someone who is taking heroin.

Fans also caught bruises on Ryan's arms and legs in still frame photos, which they think could be track marks.

Radar Online spoke with a doctor who specializes in addiction, and after looking at the freeze frames of Ryan's arms and legs, the doctor confirmed that they could be track marks. However, since he has not treated Ryan, he cannot be completely sure what the origin or nature of the bruises are.

For those unfamiliar, track marks are where drug abusers inject intravenous drugs into their system, and they leave bruises similar to what happens if you have a medical IV in your body or you have blood drawn repeatedly or aggressively.

There has not been confirmation that the Teen Mom OG star has taken anything beyond legal drugs in an illegal manner, but it is entirely plausible and makes sense why his ex, Maci Bookout, was so worried about the safety of their son, Bentley, when he visited his father's house.

[Featured Image by Jen Edwards/Instagram]