June 28, 2017
'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: High On Love, Partners Switch, Unexpected Proposal, Vow Renewal, Fate Of Deimos

It's Wednesday, which means the weekly drama of Days of Our Lives is at its halfway point. Days episode for June 28 takes place at the Martin House. A party is Thrown for those Days of Or Lives characters rescued from the Greek island. The party also doubles as a fundraising event for the Horton Center. Eric is there with Nicole to deliver a speech and give the toast.

Unknown to the party attendees, a disguised Deimos has snuck into the party and spiked all of the champagne and sparkling cider with the new formula of his drug, Halo. The effects of this new drug include a more intense high. It is also more addictive and causes extreme hallucinations. Deimos declares, "Let the games begin! It's called revenge kids."

At the end of Tuesday's episode of Days of Our Lives, the party goers were beginning to feel the effects of Deimos's drug. Abby began feeling sick and left to find her room at the Martin House. Chad left Gabi at the party to go and check on Abby.

During Days episode for June 27, Dario placed rings on the table for their upcoming nuptials. Abby looks at the rings and believes that they are for her and Chad to renew their vows, again.

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Chad remembers that Abby left him several weeks ago on Days and didn't waste any time moving on with Dario. Abby responds by saying deep down she knew she was giving up her last chance at happiness. She can't be happy with anyone else. Chad responds to Abby's admission with a heartfelt statement of his own before placing a ring on her finger.
"I never stopped loving you, you know that. When I thought I lost you, you came back and I was trying … I didn't treat you fairly and I'm sorry. It wasn't that I stopped loving you… I will always love you and I want you to be my wife."
Days of Our Lives fans of Chad and Abby finally got to witness the vow renewal that they have been hoping and waiting for, well sort of. The drug that Deimos spiked their drinks with causes those who have taken it to forget most of what has happened during their high.

In the town square, Hope begins talking to Rafe about Deimos and his motives. Hope is struggling to look at things from Deimos's point of view. Rafe stops her with a kiss. The couple begins making out on the ground with people walking by them.

It's a love/hate thing.???? #DAYS

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It is at this moment that Rafe, surprising Hope and Days of Our Lives viewers alike, gets on one knee to propose to Hope.
"This is like the best moment of my life…In another year I want to be here. Today, tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that."
Hope declines his proposal for marriage. Rafe fears that her hesitation is due to her love for Bo, but Hope assures him that isn't the case. She firmly states that she is in love with Rafe and will marry him after Deimos pays for everything that he has done.

Back at the Martin house, Lani and JJ are discussing their current physical state. Days of Our Lives viewers may recall that Lani was part of a Halo sting a few weeks back. Lani recalls that she feels like she did when she was on Halo, but that thought seems to be a fleeting one. She quickly switches gears into a fear that they all may be coming down with a case of "Jungle Madness."

JJ and Lani are embracing when Gabi enters the room. Gabi begins laying into JJ about his romance with Lani. When Sonny appears, he tells Gabi and JJ to kiss and make up. JJ leans in to kiss Gabi on the cheek. The pair hugs, which quickly turns into a passionate embrace. Lani looks on helplessly and leaves the room jealous and hurt. Eli follows.

Lani claims the reason JJ isn't committed to their relationship is that he is still in love with Gabi. Eli tells her that he doesn't think that is true.

"Gabi doesn't love him. If he still doesn't want you, he is an idiot. You are beautiful, smart and way out of his league."
After confessing that he means what he says, they come together. Days of Our Lives viewers were stunned to see Lani and Eli engage in a longing and sensual kiss. Their kiss lasts until they hear a female voice yell "help." The couple runs off toward the voice.

Nicole and Eric are also feeling the effects of the drug. They are together in the room when Daniel appears in the doorway. The apparition of Daniel can be seen by both Eric and Nicole. Eric loses his composure, apologizing to Daniel stating that he wishes he could trade places with him.

"I took you from your mother, your children, and Nicole."
Daniel tells Eric that he is a good man, but there is a condition to his forgiveness. He then turns and speaks to Nicole.
"He needs to feel a peace of mind so that he can help others have a piece of mind. That is his gift and he needs to use it. Tell him that we both forgive him, but only if he forgives himself. Eric can recover from this. You need to help him do that."
Nicole agrees that for Daniel, she will try to forgive Eric. She then goes to Daniel and tells him she loves him. Nicole leans in and kisses his ghost like anyone would kiss their love if it were their last time. When Daniel's spirit disappears, it turns out that Nicole is actually kissing Eric, a realization that shocked her as much as it shocked the Days of Our Lives fans viewing the episode.

Sonny, who has left the party room to look for Paul, comes into contact with Deimos. Deimos warns Sonny that he doesn't want to make things harder than they have to be, stating that he can either give him the amulet or he can take it.

"You have everything but your greed can cost you all of that. You want all that power. You are a hell of a lot more like me than you realize."
Deimos takes the amulet from around Sonny's neck and runs off.

Days of Our Lives episode for June 28 ends with Deimos laying on the floor of the Martin house with a knife in his chest. Days fans, who do you think killed Deimos? Do you believe Hope will remember the proposal and follow through now that Deimos has "paid for everything" he has done? Let us know in the comments below.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you do not wish to view content that has not yet aired, please do not continue to read.

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It appears that the Deimos reign of terror is over. Days spoilers, as reported by SoapHub, suggest that later this week on Days of Our Lives, Gabi will stumble upon the dead body of Deimos. There isn't a shortage of suspects, but Lani implicates JJ in the murder of Deimos. As a result, JJ will be taken into custody.

Meanwhile, the rest of the partygoers begin to come out of their Halo induced stupor and find themselves in an odd situation. It appears that the Halo has caused them to switch romantic partners. This will undoubtedly leave a "lovely mess" for the residents of Salem to clean up.

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